Is SEO Dead? SEO Myths Debunked

As the SEO landscape changes, more and more opinions from bloggers, SEO experts and conspiracy theorist emerge proclaiming that SEO is DEAD! At Mad Scientist Digital, we are going to dedicate a whole series of videos debunking all of the popular SEO myths starting with the first one: Is SEO Dead?

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the many wild and erroneous ‘myths’ out there about SEO and all things search related.




Ian: SEO myths debunked – is SEO dead? This is the first of a series of Google Hangouts, this week of SEO myths debunked.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: What is this?

Andrew: I have no idea!

Ian: I think the barman’s trying to poison us.

Andrew: Pretty though.

Ian: It’s very pretty actually.

Andrew: It’s got swirls in it

Ian: Check that out!

Andrew: There’s no way I’m touching that.

Ian: You could see your face in it. Anyway, is SEO dead Andrew?

Andrew: Just digesting that. No. This is something that comes up ALL the time.

Ian: On search, in conversation…

Andrew: On search, in conversation, dealing with clients, SEO doesn’t work anymore etc. etc. etc., all the rest of it. But then on the other hand, you read articles or posts that say SEO is dead… sort of. Now, you’re either dead or you’re not, it’s like saying…

Ian: “I’ve killed them dead.”

Andrew: Yeah, or it’s like saying i’ll give you 110%, well you can’t give 110% because 100 is all you can give. So either SEO is dead or it isn’t and there’s nothing in between. So the thing is, SEO is not dead, plain and simple. What is has done over the last year or so is it’s actually just changed it’s direction a little bit if you know what I mean. It’s like when you watch a flock of birds in the sky, just one leader and they’re all flying in unison, and if you’re not flying in unison with what the SEO world is doing then you’re going to just get left behind.

Ian: Yes. Non-local communication for the nerds out there.

Andrew: Yeah, but in saying that though, SEO has changed direction but there is one thing that has died, or dying very, very quickly is blackhat type SEO tactics. Google is starting to get a lot more sophisticated with what it looks for. And how it finds these crappy links if you like, and if your website has been utilising them will get, worst case scenario, deindexed. Or otherwise you’ll just lose your ranking plain and simple.

Ian: Right.

Andrew: So SEO, no it is not dead. It has changed direction but what is quickly dying is blackhat SEO tactics.

Ian: Rightfully so. So just blackhat, what is the definition of blackhat SEO?

Andrew: Blackhat is any type of SEO method that goes against the Google guidelines.

Ian: Alright.

Andrew: We’re talking about spamming, rubbish links, blog networks , things like article marketing – that is slowly dying as well because Google is starting to deindex a lot of these minor and major article directories as well, or they’re just not paying as much attention to them as they used to. So if you get a link on one of those or ten they’re just not really that powerful anymore.

Ian: So that’s blackhat tactics. Pure evil, witchery.

Andrew: Spamming. In other words, blackhat equals spam.

Ian: What else?

Andrew: On… SEO?

Ian: On SEO is dead. I mean links, hopefully everybody is realising that it’s not about the amount of links it’s about the quality of the links.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: What are some of the other key areas that can get you in trouble?

Andrew: Well just on links, most people don’t realise though that getting one link from a very reputable site in Google’s eyes is worth a lot more than let’s say, 10,000 backlinks from a really crappy little network somewhere.

Ian: RIght.

Andrew: So that is the difference, it’s all about quality now not quantity like it used to be years ago and it’s all about user experience. So everybody should be worried about making their site user-friendly, having the content that people would read, want or are searching for.

Ian: Yes that’s right. And the best way to get those high PR links is just to be good at what you do. Put up regular content, to build good affiliations with partners in your industry,  universities, governments, just to be a good business really and a team player in your community.

Andrew: And the thing is everything you do has to look natural, that’s one of the big secrets as well.

Ian: Look and be natural.

Andrew: If all of a sudden Google indexes 10,000 backlinks to your website alone, well they’re going to think geez, 10,000 backlinks in one day, that’s either a very, very popular website or spamming is involved. So what are they going to do? They’re going to check it out.

Ian: Yep. Fair enough, alright excellent.

Andrew: Plain and simple, SEO is not dead, it’s only changed direction.

Ian: Excellent, thank you Andrew, well there’s going to be more on that throughout the week, we hope you can tune into that. SEO myths debunked.

Andrew: Part one.

Ian: Yes, we’re going to be the SEO myth busters.

Andrew: We were going to call it that but that’s already been done.

Ian: We’ll be drinking myth-elated spirits.

Andrew: Myth-elated spirits…and we’re going to debunk myth-conceptions, it just goes on!!

Ian: See you soon folks!

Andrew: Bye!

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