“If you’ve got nothing good to say…

…don’t say anything.”

social media, businessEven before computers, the internet, or social media existed, mums across the world were lending this phrase to their children. My mother definitely said it on many occasions and if she understood the ins and outs of social media, I reckon she’d say it applied here too, particular in promoting your business online. It’s so tempting to just talk about nothing in particular and neglect to engage people in some riveting topic of conversation. If you can’t do this, it’s best to put that topic or idea on the back burner until you think it’s got something special to offer. Otherwise your social media presence becomes a big bag of hot air. A pretty dull place to be. You don’t have to say something every day, just make it quality and no less than once a week.

About the Author:

Ian Hopkinson is CEO of Mad Scientist Digital and a Creative Advisor to many start-up businesses across the globe.

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