Human Hackers

Supporting and Developing Entrepreneurs

The biggest battle for entrepreneurs is normally in their heads. They often also neglect themselves & struggle getting traction with others. The world offers a myriad of “solutions” but each one in its own right is not enough. It is a matter of how they all integrate together that produces the real results. That integration process is an art & often is better facilitated externally. In the end we are seeking clarity from confusion, complexity & overwhelm in order to free up enough to act. Without that action, all the knowledge & awareness in the world is useless!

Ian Hopkinson & Phil Richards bring a unique angle to this dilemma. Combining skills as diverse as music to emergency response to developing an online presence to pure human performance. Raw skills coming from real experiences in life. Their talent is block-busting. Spontaneous intervention to bring simplicity to seemingly complex situations resulting in simple, rapid, focused action.

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