How to Break Through the Clutter and Establish Your Business Brand with Social Media

8 Steps to Business Brand Social Media Greatness: Be unique, be your authentic self, consult an expert, write a plan, be engaging, be consistent and determined, be in it for the long haul and you’ll be on your way to social media, digital marketing, and business brand success!

digital marketing, social media, business brand, digital marketing expertAs a small or medium size business, your to-do list is likely as long as your arm, if not longer. When it comes to social media and your overall digital marketing, it’s no different. In addition, like any aspect of your business you’ll want to to do it well or not at all. To make an impact in social media you need a firm plan and an expert on your team to help you prioritise. So here’s a checklist to bookmark (heck, even print it out and hang it on your wall!) to check off your progress in transforming your business with social media.

1. Social Media Etiquette

2. Using Social Media

3. Blogging

4. Social Media Training

5. Social Media Monitoring

6. Social Media Listening

7. Social Media Engagement

8. Social Media Analysis

Social Media strategy with your business is a journey. Yes you should start with a clear plan, but be prepared to shift tactics once you get some solid empirical data. Don’t be obsessed with analytics however, have fun with it and listen to feedback from your colleagues, friends, partners, and even your competitors – yes shock horror, even your competitors!

The above tips are just the beginning and are obviously very much social media focussed. For further advice on a big picture integrated digital marketing strategy reach out to me

For more information on all things digital, you know the drill

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