How Not to Get Burned by SEO

Don’t Get Burned By Cheap SEO sounds like a rather dramatic title, but very often we hear stories related to us about websites being dropped from the searches because of cheap and nasty SEO practices. The question you could ask is what are some of these cheap SEO tactics and how can you safeguard your website against them?

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss some of the reasons why it is important to educate yourself on what cheap SEO tactics are and what you can do about it.



Ian: Good morning.

Andrew: Good morning!

Ian: How are we all?

Andrew: Well I’m fine. Don’t know about everyone else but I’m alright.

Ian: Good? Good to hear. One day they’re going to yell back through ‘no we’re not all well stop saying that!’ I’m Ian Hopkinson.

Andrew: And I’m Andrew Radics.

Ian: Andrew Radics of course, what are we drinking here?

Andrew: Well by the looks of it, it’s a vast improvement from that slop the guy downstairs made for us last week. This is not bad.

Ian: You know what, it’s freezing cold here in Melbourne and we’ve got these very tropical looking drinks which makes you feel a little bit warmer. So yeah, it’s good in theory. Now just on another note, we had a discussion the other day, you said that you needed to shave for the hangout, was it the last hangout? I think it was. Anyway, to alleviate any discussion about whether we shave or not shave, our lawyer has prepared a contract which tells you on what days you should shave and basically if you don’t comply, there’s a whole list of ramifications, so if you wouldn’t mind signing, well actually have a read first.

Andrew: Are you serious?

Ian: Well this is really funny because I haven’t actually shaved today, well I haven’t shaved for a few days.

Andrew: I was going to say, this is coming from a guy who hasn’t shaved for a few days?!

Ian: Now the contracts coming back in the other direction… so anyway have a think about that.

Andrew: I just thought about it. My people will get in touch with your people.

Ian: Alright if I have to sign a contract to shave more often then I’ll do that as well. We’ll come up with some sort of mutual shaving agreement.

Andrew: Yeah, see, look, I’m shaved!

Ian: Yeah, I’m not so it’s probably a bit ironic. Anyway, don’t get burned by cheap SEO. There’s going to be three points to this today, they are; research, research and research. We’ve been talking about this a lot but don’t get caught up with these emails that come through from exotic lands or nonexotic lands that tell you that for $50 you are going to get these 20 things. Don’t get caught up with that, don’t think that because of these emails or because people have being doing things in an unprofessional way that that is synonymous with SEO, because it’s not.

Andrew: It’s not SEO.

Ian: No.

Andrew: It’s funny you should bring this topic up today because last night on my little iPad, I was looking through videos from Google or Mac customers who are search engine spam experts if you like. He was saying, if you really think about it it makes a lot of sense. People who put up various link building software and all this sort of stuff saying to you, use this program, use this software and we’ll get you to number one etc. Do you really think that these people’s time would be better spent using that program that they have to get themselves to number 1 with all their affiliated projects and money making schemes rather than selling you a program that will get you to the top. It doesn’t make sense. So that sort of stuff is snake oil, they claim that to be SEO but that is not SEO, that’s far from it.

Ian: I just find it amusing that some of these examples we talked about the other day of emails coming through that don’t even have a website themselves. It would be like someone who is not known as an actor or been in Hollywood or any involvement in the film industry saying ‘come along to my acting course, I’ll teach you how to act’. Sorry, who are you? where’s your credibility, where’s your reputation, where’s your experience? You haven’t proven any of that to me, you’ve sent me an email from a hotmail address, you don’t have a website, basically you don’t exist and yet you’re telling me that you can put me on the map. What? Sorry but something in my brain just short circuited trying to understand why that is something that I want to buy, that I want to pay for.

Andrew: I’ve always thought that if a ‘SEO’ company sends you an email advertising their services to you, not always, but pretty much you should be wary of it because a good SEO company does not need to go out there and send emails to total strangers who haven’t even had a look at your website. If you see an ad for an SEO company that’s fine, I’m talking about direct emails, phone calls, any kind of cold selling like that, generally I’d keep away from them. Like Ian said, anyone that sends you anything from a gmail address, hotmail address or yahoo or any free emailing service, warning bells, absolute warning bells.

Ian: Absolutely. But yeah, short and sweet, do your research, there’s so much online about SEO, the problem is that a lot of it is a bit misleading. But ask around, anyone who does SEO or has had SEO done on their website, watch videos, do some reading, don’t just jump into this cheap deal because it sounds so good, if it sounds too good to be true then as we always say, it probably is. Just don’t jump into it, don’t get burned, it’s just too little too late when you’ve got 5000 junk backlinks that you have to then disembowel, or have someone like us come along and do this whole ‘fix it’ thing. Don’t do that, just save yourself a whole lot of heartache and do some research. Don’t get burned by cheap SEO. Or bad contracts about whether you should shave or not before hangouts.

Andrew: That’s harassment you know that, that is harassment.

Ian: I’m going to countersue your countersuing.

Andrew: I thought I left all this stuff behind by becoming my own boss and now my bloody partner is trying to make me sign contracts. Harassment buddy, harassment.

Ian: Harassment, yeah. I’ll tell you what, those drinks we had the other day those purple drinks, that was harassment I’m glad we got rid of the bar guy.

Andrew: Our lab makes better drinks than a bar.

Ian: I wonder what’s in these, we may have to do an audit.

Andrew: They’re red can you see that.

Ian: Questions, queries, worries about the drinks, the shaving contracts, or SEO go to Andrew Radics thank you very much once again and we’ll speak to you all soon. We are going to once again remind you that you can get a digital health check if you go to our homepage and click on the big red button, we’ll look at your site, we’ll give you advice, give you some guidance. It’s absolutely free, do that if you’re worried or you’ve got questions and concerns about where you’re headed with your SEO.

Andrew: Cool.

Ian: Sales pitch over.

Andrew: Well done.

Ian: And that must be the 11 o’clock train and I now have to go to the Apple store.

Andrew: Yeah to fix our little Mac.

Ian: That’s for another hangout, we’re not going to go into it.

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