How Dealing With Clients (Potential and Existing) Is A Two Way Street

I’m sure that at one time or another you and your business cohorts have dealt with either one or both of the following scenarios.
Potential Clients-You are at the starting point with a potential new client. Conversations have been had, meetings have taken place and sparkling eye-popping decks have been e-mailed. Business negotiations have begun…you are on your way to closing this deal! Then it happens-nothing. Radio silence begins. No phone calls are returned. No e-mails are answered. Your assumptions are that either alien beings have kidnapped these folks or sadly they are what I like to refer to as business flakes. Weird thoughts of irrational rationalization creep into your head. You think-“good thing we found out now what they are really like-how they really treat people.” Now what?
First, don’t make a pest of yourself. Don’t repeatedly calling when they haven’t returned any of your calls. Don’t send yet another e-mail-you’ll look desperate? You’re going to have to move ahead as if. Here’s what that means. There must have been an initial reason for you to pursue them as a potential new client. Hold onto that thought for a minute or two. You never know what’s going on in their camp. Until you hopefully do get an answer-don’t drive yourself crazy. Put it on the back burner…focus on the good work that you and your team already have on your plate.
There’s a great lesson to be learned here…never let you or your staff behave in this manner. When there are times when you may be dealing with new clients or vendors, don’t waste your time or theirs. Be succinct and as exact as you can whether asking for info or providing info.
OK…now let’s about bad behavior from existing clients. As mentioned in one of my previous blogs. When you come to the realization that you have a client that’s become more of a problem than a pleasure to work with you need to quickly assess if it’s worth keeping them. Take the time to review why you first got into business together. Is that still the case? If not, in a professional, yet firm manner-end the relationship. Life is too short. Bad, difficult clients can drag you and your team down to the curb. Nobody wants to work in that type of environment.
In conclusion…as always…onward and upward.

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