How come we are ranking on the first page for cheap SEO?

We’ve been talking a lot about Cheap SEO companies for weeks now, trying to explain in simple terms why the tactics and strategies these companies or single operators use are out of date. Truth is they can actually end up costing you a fortune. We are clearly not one of these companies and yet when you type in ‘Cheap SEO’ we come up on the first few pages, ahh the irony!

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss some of the outdated seo tactics used by some companies.



Ian: Why are we ranking on the first page of cheap SEO Andrew? What is going on here? We are obviously not providing cheap SEO to the world.

Andrew: No I think more than likely it’s because we bang on about it so much.

Ian: This is true we’ve been talking a lot about it.

Andrew: We have. If you have a look at our videos, on cheap SEO companies or whatever it is, it’s on the first page if not number one.

Ian: And we’re very opinionated about it.

Andrew: Yes we are. But we are certainly not cheap SEO. So don’t come to us for cheap SEO. That is the point.

Ian: No, and we’ve actually had some cheap SEO companies who have put our videos on their website and then put their phone number below. And said: “If you want cheap SEO call this number.”

Andrew: And it was our video!

We called them and politely asked them to take it down. And sure enough after a few days it was gone!

Ian:  A little bit of respect is good. Quite a few others of our videos have gone on to other websites where there is information about SEO. And that is fine we don’t mind that.

Andrew: Oh yeah, video sharing sites that’s fine! They don’t claim it is their video or anything like that. But that is a really cheap tactic to use.

Ian: Well yeah, that was poetry in motion I thought! I just didn’t quite understand since we were not speaking highly about cheap SEO. So why were they using our video to advertise their services? How is that helping them?

Andrew: They probably believe, and rightly so many times, that Google places a lot of importance on video.

Ian: Yes.

Andrew: So if you have a video about cheap SEO and you are trying to sell cheap SEO with your ad  down the bottom or whatever and you put that on to your website. I think that is the point. I don’t think that the people doing this sort of things actually watcg the videos to find out exactly what the content is. They just look at the title “Cheap SEO.”

Ian: That is a bit of a worry. We could be saying all kinds of things about “cheap SEO”. And we are!  And they are using it as a point of sale!

Andrew: The thing that got me was that there is no credits to us. Nothing! Not even a link back to the original YouTube. Which would have taken them to our YouTube channel.

Ian: Yes, there is a bit of internet etiquette that is going on there. Or that should go on! That should have been linked back to our site!

Andrew: There you go that is why we are number one for cheap SEO!

Ian: When we are talking about cheap SEO. What do we mean by cheap SEO? In a nutshell obviously!

Andrew: Well, obviously it is a two fold thing. It is a monetary thing. Cheap: as in cheap in dollars. And unfortunately because it is cheap in dollars a lot of value can’t go into it! I mean how much work can you get done for 99 dollars a month? Imagine paying somebody.

Ian: Even $250!

Andrew: Or $500. Depending on what you want of course! We are not talking about a full blown SEO campaign for 500 dollars.  That’s crazy! You can’t do it!

Ian: Because SEO is an everyday activity. It is not just something you check in every now and then and tweak a few things! It is an everyday strategy. And the roll out of it all has to be carefully thought through. And there is, or at least should be, actually a lot of client interaction as well? You really should be keeping your client informed and finding out what their needs are. Because they do change! And none of these companies asks for any sort of plan.

Andrew: Yes…

Ian: They just say: Click this button go to PayPal. Bang! 99 dollars, 250 dollars or whatever it is and we will give you this bullet point list of links. And what other things are they offering???

Andrew: Article submissions, search engine submissions…

Ian: All of these useless things that don’t matter anymore.

Andrew: Blog commenting. Forum profiles. All of this outdated stuff! One of my idols, Judge Judy (Ian is Laughing himself silly), said: “If it sounds to good to be true it usually is!”

Ian: It usually is! Judge Judy is so wise!

Andrew: So if you are paying a decent sum of money to a decent sum of money to an SEO company and they are doing a good job. Why would you go to someone who emails you out of the blue and says: “For 99 dollars we can do better!”

Ian: That’s what I don’t get! People get these emails and that are much like the “You have just won the lottery! Please enter your bank account details here!” I guess it is a case of people not having the education of the knowledge to be able to discern between what is real and what is not.

Andrew: But now there is no excuse! There is enough content out there to counteract that out there.

And now that you mention all of this. Some SEO companies say to you: “We will do it for this much but you have to pay 12 months in advance.” Don’t do it! Do NOT pay 12 months in advance! Because generally what happens is that they take  your money and you will not hear from them! Not that they will disappear totally but they’re going to put you on the backburner because they’ve already got your money. They will not put high priority on your website at all.

Ian: Yes.

Andrew: Monthly! Always pay monthly!

Don’t lock yourself into some stupid thing to pay 12 months up front!

Ian: Yes, I agree!

Andrew: I have heard about this time and time again!

Ian: I agree with that. But I understand why some companies do that. Obviously because they don’t wanna be chasing people for money every month. But, Hello! Direct Debit! What was that invented for?

Andrew: Yep.

Ian: You’ve got rights! In our case when we do 12 month contracts we have a 3 month opt-out. Basically it says: If you are not happy after three months or if we are not happy after 3 months, we have the option of firing each other. I think that is very reasonable.

But to do this 12 month contract and pay it all up front…

Andrew: A contract to me is “This is what we agreed on and the term is for 12 months.” During those 12 months you can’t change the price. That is what a contract if for. Just like a lease. You agree to pay X amount of dollars on your car lease of house lease or whatever it is. They can’t  up it during that period.

Ian:  I bet these companies don’t give you a money back guarantee.

Andrew: We don’t either!

Ian: But we do in a sense. They do have that 3 month review where they can discuss results and then we move forward from there. So they can sort of opt-out.

Andrew: Oh, yeah!

Ian: In that way a smaller investment.

Andrew: Yes, they can always opt-out. There has to be.

Ian: I think we should do a video about that. A whole separate one!

Andrew: We should!

Ian: Anyway, we are on the first page for cheap SEO. And we are not cheap, really!

Andrew: Don’t know about him! But we are not!

Ian: Why did you go there!?

Andrew: Because, well…..

Ian: Well, thanks for watching! We’ve actually got some content coming up. More of Streisand effect content. Tomorrow!

Andrew: Tomorrow!

Ian: The response we’ve had to the Streisand effect has been overwhelming. We’re going to do examples of it. A whole series of them! That could go on for quite some time. I am interested to see where that leads.

Andrew: Not only number one on “cheap seo” on videos. We are also on the first page with the Streisand effect. And our videos are number one and number five. So we are gonna continue with the Streisand thing.

Ian: That is as of today. Obviously things change.

Andrew: Tomorrow it could be 2000.

Ian: We could be, yeah. But then the next day we’d be number one again. Then Google does an update. Actually if Google does an update we are doing fine. We just ride through the changes.

Andrew: Because we are not cheap SEO!

Ian: All the best! Speak soon!

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