Ever Wondered Where Your Website Visitors are Coming From?

If you have ever wondered where your website visitors are actually coming from, you can easily find out with Google Analytics. It’s a very versatile tool from Google which is free for anyone to use and it is fairly easy to set up on your website. Everyone who has a website should be using this very powerful tool.




Ian: Good afternoon from a very, very, very cold and wet Melbourne. Andrew how are you?

Andrew: I’m good. That’s all we’ve got today, just coffee, no drinks.

Ian: No drinks. It’s too cold. No exotic drinks with hydrochloric acid and a sprinkle of plutonium or whatever it is that you normally put in.

Andrew: Bi-carb soda from the lab.

Ian: Anyways, Google Analytics – where are your website visitors coming from? That’s what we’re going to be discussing today. Just really to break it down for businesses who are wanting to monitor their traffic. What do we need to know Andrew? Should we get really fancy and bring up slides?

Andrew: We can. We can use the new technology of slide power.

Ian: Slide power, alright let’s check this out.

Andrew: If it works.

Ian: It sort of does work but it won’t work in full presented mode.

Andrew: How am I supposed to read that?

Ian: I don’t know how anyone is supposed to read that actually. But anyway.

Andrew: Better put my glasses on.

Ian: Let’s go through it. Now obviously there’s various different panels in the Google Analytics dashboard and this is just one of them.

Andrew: I don’t know if you can see that but basically when you first go into your Google Analytics account you’re presented with a screen and it tells you how many sessions there have been, how many new sessions (visitors), the amount of new users you have gained for that particular month – you can set the date range on the top right hand side of the page, it also tells you your bounce rate, now this metric is one of the most important. The bounce rate is when someone enters your website, they’ll look at that one page and then they’ll leave so essentially you land and then you bounce.

Ian: That’s the term for it.

Andrew: So the higher your bounce rate is the worse your website is performing, I mean these people are only looking at one page in your entire site and that can be a problem. Basically in this industry, the standards are that if your site has under a 30% bounce rate, then your website is doing really really well.

Ian: I know it can vary from country to country too which is interesting.

Andrew: Of course. This particular page talks about the average for where your traffic is coming from whether it’s coming from Australia, New Zealand, US, etc. but you can also break that down into countries to work out what the bounce rate is per country. Which is pretty cool.

Ian: It is.

Andrew: On this page here if you have a look on the bottom left it shows you exactly where your traffic is coming from, how many are coming from direct which means people who are typing in your URL, through Google search, through social networks such as StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, all those types of things. So Google Analytics can actually tell you all that kind of information and obviously a lot more.

Ian: Yeah well that’s pretty powerful isn’t it. I mean it’s almost as powerful as your shirt today.

Andrew: Yeah well, I thought it’s a new day, it’s miserable out there and I thought I’d come in with something bright but you said ‘no, no, no you’re too bright for television.’

Ian: Well they’ve only got a glimpse of it here.

Andrew: Is that too bright?

Ian: …That’s blinding. It’s blinding!!

Andrew: Yeah I suppose it is.

Ian: How don’t they have rules on TV sets about striped shirts and colours and whatnot.

Andrew: Bad choice. Well you have a go about my shirt, I’ll have a go about your technology here, the slides are so damn small I can’t even see them.

Ian: I know, I know. I’d love to blame Google but then there’s so many things that Google do well so what can I do?

Andrew: There’s people my age saying ‘in my day…’

Ian: ‘Back in my day we never had any of that fuss!’

Andrew: ‘We just had blackboard and chalk!’

Ian: ‘Life was so simple.’ Well yeah, that is very basic. I’ve thought a couple of questions up.

Andrew: …Yes.

Ian: So there’s obviously some various different views that you can see up on the left hand side there that we can’t bring up on the slides because of my lack of –

Andrew: Did you make this coffee?

Ian: I did make it yes. Is it too much or too little of what?

Andrew: It’s just that once you get down to the bottom it tastes kind of weird.

Ian: You probably didn’t stir it properly, it’s probably sugar.

Andrew: Or a chemical.

Ian: You can obviously look at the analytics of the day, the week or the month – I’ll bring that up that slide again. Sometimes it can be too much information in too small increments can’t it.

Andrew: Of course.

Ian: When you bring up the traffic by day, that’s like a rollercoaster.

Andrew: It just depends on the day, what you’ve done social wise if anything, if you’ve updated your website.

Ian: It doesn’t really give you a good look but what they’re looking at on the slide is daily. That’s pretty interesting, there’s just so much information there that you can get lost in it for hours.

Andrew: You can, I mean that’s just very very basic. As I’ve said before, Google Analytics can be as simple as you want or as complicated as you want, it just depends what data you really want to find.

Ian: Exactly, well that’s where your visitors are coming from, you can see that on Google Analytics in brief and tune in for other little Google Analytics tips, shoot us some questions, some topics that you want us to cover, you can email us at [email protected] or you can visit our website http://madscientistdigital.com I’m Ian Hopkinson, this is Andrew Radics and we’re here to help you, let us know if you need it and we’ll speak to you very soon.

Andrew: Bye!

Ian: And I’ll try and learn to make a better coffee.

Andrew: Good!

Ian: Over and out.

Andrew: That’ll be good.


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