Especially With SEO You Dont Know What You Dont Know

This is an old phrase “You don’t know what you don’t know” some say it comes from Socrates but it’s just so relevant to SEO. People don’t understand this highly specialised area of digital marketing so they switch off and are in many cases, not willing to learn about it, even when they see it in action, it gets dismissed as hocus pocus. I just came from a networking event and this is a real phenomena, if there’s anything that short-circuits peoples’ synapses, SEO is it.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss why people switch off when the words ‘digital marketing’ are mentioned.



Ian: Good afternoon, how are we all?

Andrew: How are you going?

Ian: How are you Andrew?

Andrew: I’m well.

Ian: It’s cold here today.

Andrew: I think someone’s turned the heating down.

Ian: Oh I know who that is.

Andrew: Yeah I bet.

Ian: It’s probably the barman, he didn’t sound very happy today.

Andrew: Speaking of the barman – where are our drinks? Hang on a sec…

Ian: He’s probably on strike. Well while Andrew is doing that, today’s topic as you can see  there is “you don’t know what you don’t know especially with SEO”. Now originally this phrase you don’t know what you don’t know, we’ve all heard this and it sounds like satiric rubbish, but it’s not. It really is kind of a truism, and the only way that you can find out and learn about things is to actually have a curious mind and be willing to listen and be open minded… What? This is no, what is that?

Andrew: This is what he gave me. I’m thinking they’re just glasses of milk.

Ian: I think we might have to tone down our commentary about how bad the last couple of drinks have been. It looks like skim milk.

Andrew: Probably is, it’s very white though.

Ian: Great, I think we might need to…

Andrew: Sack?

Ian: I was going to say we might need to apologise!

Andrew: Hell no! We’ll just sack him!

Ian: Oh dear, anyway I was just explaining that you don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to SEO and we should have more of an open mind and be willing to learn.

Andrew: Yep.

Ian: I was just at a networking event, which was where I won this little guy here.

Andrew: When you brought it back I thought you were going to start promoting a casino or something.

Ian: Oh right, yeah. Well, it’s more of this tactic of making things feel a bit warmer, you know? Some animals, some scenery and drinks.

Andrew: It’s very pretty.

Ian: I’m pretty happy with it actually. So, this is a bit of a pep talk because we want people to be interested and curious as to what SEO is. Not just to be dismissive and just to say that’s a bunch of hocus pocus. It gets a bit tiring to hear people doubting that it actually works; because it does work, and we show that time and time again. This is a real thing, SEO actually makes people money.

Andrew: I had a conversation not even an hour ago, you had one last night; people asking us what do you do? We explain what we do and they go, “what the hell are you talking about?”

Ian: Yeah, the brain short circuits and they just can’t fathom…

Andrew: The term SEO or search engine optimisation, they just think what is that? You try to explain it and they still don’t get it. But then when you say, okay we’re the guys who try to get your website to the top of Google. “Oh… How do you do that?” They just don’t seem to understand, but just because you don’t understand something it doesn’t mean to say that it doesn’t work, it does work!

Ian:  I think like we’ve done with some of the seminars we’ve had in here is we’ve brought up some statistics and we’re actually said, these devices when you’re out and about and searching, how do you think these listings come up? They don’t just magically appear, people actually have to work to get them placed there, whether that’s setting up a Google Places page, or putting them in directories, or working on their website to have it optimised. It just doesn’t magically happen. I suppose in a practical sense we have to make people aware that it does work. And it just seems to be the terminology, there’s a lot of confusing terminology, and because it is changing quite a lot and it is one of the most confusing areas of digital marketing it’s too much for them to take in. These aren’t people who are lacking in intelligence or understanding of just about anything, I mean these are smart people. You’ve got to be passionate about it I guess, and you’ve really got to be open minded and willing to learn. This is a pep talk; be open minded. There is a lot of rubbish that’s been written about SEO out there, and there is a lot of dodgy tactics and other companies that have tarnished the image, so that causes a bit of jadedness there too.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: Is jadedness a word?

Andrew: No.

Ian: So that’s what we’re up against, but when you start to show people practical examples of it then they start to get a bit more curious about it.

Andrew: So I think the bottom line is that just because you don’t understand how it works, just know that it actually does work if it’s done right. That’s the key.

Ian:  That is the key. I think just in finishing, we can’t stress the importance of how SEO is really, it should be the focus of your energies in digital marketing at the moment. Any other promotions or platforms that you’re using in the case of social media, or your website, or articles, press releases or things like that, anything like that, these are all very complimentary. (Phone rings) Oh here’s someone calling me right now

Andrew: Probably complaining?

Ian: Mad Scientist Digital, can I help you? Ha no. I didn’t plan that by the way, that wasn’t set up.

Andrew: Yeah okay, fair enough.

Ian: It’s probably these guys from the conference this morning ringing to ask for their flamingo back.

Andrew: Yeah, they awarded it to the wrong person.

Ian: Anyway the point is, SEO – don’t be afraid of it, don’t switch off, please be open minded and learn about it. There are a lot of tools that are confusing, but they do work and they will show a return for the money that you’re putting into it.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: We have a lot of content on our website and in our Google Hangouts and on our social media about SEO, so please feel free to go and read anything that’s there and come back with any questions.

Andrew: Definately.

Ian: Andrew, thank you very much.

Andrew: You’re welcome.

Ian: Can we turn the heating up next time, or do I have to wear a suit?

Andrew:  You should, the things you wear at the snow…What do you call it?

Ian: Like a bear suit or something like what the mascots wear?

Andrew: Yes.

Ian: Because they’re always overheating.

Andrew: This barman got to get the sack.

Ian: I think we should sack him and maybe he should go and get a job as a mascot?

Andrew: Yeah…


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