Digital Health Check

Mad Scientist offers a Digital Health Check report and review consultation as the first step in the process of developing an overall strategy.  We use a carefully selected set of analytical tools to quantify performance issues, then add in qualitative feedback from our decades of digital marketing experience.

Your Audit Report

We audit the quality and effectiveness of the websites and platforms marketing your business. Our Digital Health Check incorporates a current read on areas including:

  • Website design
  • Website coding
  • Website content
  • Key marketing messages
  • Social media presence (presentation and relevance)
  • Social media content
  • Connections and backlinks
  • Your competitors’ presence
  • Search Engine Optimization performance
  • Video and visual marketing

The Debrief and Consultation

We believe that sending you the report is not enough.  We help you to understand it and what to do given the information in a 2-hour online or telephone consultation.  You get to ask all the questions you need in order to turn the report into action.

We also help you to work out who needs to do what and how to communicate with the technical types you may need to take action.

Measure It To Manage It

The report and debrief are a valuable baseline for you to measure your ongoing digital marketing performance.  They form the basis for many of our service packages, including Search Engine Optimization, Content Generation and Online Reputation Management.

The report also forms the basis on which our Client Results Manager measures the results we deliver to you.