Common Threads

If you read and listen to enough thought leadership materials*, eventually you begin to see a pattern. The overarching themes that are covered give advice on how to have a more fulfilling life and be more successful in business. Now there’s several consistent mantras, or themes if you like, that occur throughout these motivational resources:seo marketing experts

  1. You are the cause of the way your life is right now, external forces and people around you can not be blamed

  2. Be grateful for what you have not bitter for what you don’t

  3. Write clear goals and have a road map for your life and business

  4. Manage your time by being very focussed on the most important actions and

  5. steps that will move you closer to these goals

  6. Always be mindful of the 80/20 rule. There are many applications of this but the most popular being in sales where 20% of the clients or customers will contribute to 80% of the profits. Therefore spending 80% of your time on the 20% will heed big dividends.

  7. Develop self discipline and be relentless with doing the right things at the right times.

  8. You are what you think. Consume a diet of positive information and dedicate time to improving and learning.

  9. Build a strong base at home with family relationships that are nurturing and increase your sense of well being.

  10. Take regular time out. Have mini-retirements where you completely switch off.

  11. Exercise regularly and be a student of nutrition.

  12. Give to charity and be an integral part of building real community around you.

  13. Selflessly help your friends and colleagues to succeed in life and business.

  14. Mentor or teach your experience and knowledge to family, friends, and colleagues when given the opportunity

This is very much a hit list, obviously each of these points is a book in itself, I guess it’s no wonder at least one new mainstream success book comes out every week!

*In this instance I’m specifically referring to many of the motivational and success coaches books as opposed to businesses or organisations.

Ian Hopkinson
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