Cheap SEO

Cheap SEO is generally a bad option. You get what you pay for with SEO, in some cases you end up paying a fortune for an expert SEO company fixing the problems a cheap SEO company has created. We’ve all got them, you know those annoying emails – offering you the world for $99/month. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is, delete delete delete.

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Why are we ranking on the first page for cheap SEO?

We’ve been talking about cheap SEO companies a lot lately. The plain truth is they can cost you an arm and a leg with their our of date tactics and strategies. We’re clearly not one of these companies, but why are we ranking on the first few pages for this in Google? Here’s why…

How effective is cheap SEO?

The cost of SEO services vary from SEO company to SEO company. But, if you have ever sat down and worked out what it costs a cheap SEO company per hour to perform the services they claim are being done on your website, most people will start wonder if they are being performed at all. The figures just do not add up!

What have the great SEO Companies allowed the cheap SEO guys to reposition themselves in the marketplace?

This question comes from an SEO buddy of mine in Texas. “Why have the great SEO Companies allowed the cheap SEO guys to reposition them in the market place?” In this video we discuss the role bigger SEO companies have played in the rise of spammy cheap SEO companies.

Cheap SEO companies WILL cost you a fortune

A client recently received an email from a cheap SEO company offering 17 or so different SEO tasks for $150/month. Half of it you don’t need, the other half will cost you a fortune if you lose your standing with Google and close traffic and revenue as a result! Here’s why cheap SEO companies will cost you a fortune.

Don’t get burned by cheap SEO

Don’t Get Burned By Cheap SEO sounds like a rather dramatic title, but very often we hear stories related to us about websites being dropped from the searches because of cheap and nasty SEO practices. The question you could ask is what are some of these cheap SEO tactics and how can you safeguard your web site against them?

Why cheap SEO companies are bad

Cheap SEO companies employ dirty tactics in attempt to increase rankings. In doing so your site may end up with thousands of irrelevant links that can damage both your rankings and your brand, all of which are costly to repair. Here, we highlight some of their nasty practices and the potential associated damages and costs.

Cheap SEO is bad for you site

Don’t get confused and ripped off by inefficient, inadequate, and untrustworthy SEO companies.The mysteries of getting on page 1 of Google are easily explained but when ‘experts’ throw in acronyms like SEM, SEO, SMM, & ORM – you can literally see the smoke coming out of people’s ears!

Cheap SEO clogs up Joe the plumber

Here’s a real example of what we’ve been preaching lately – cheap SEO will cost you a fortune! As Joe the plumber found out…

12 deadly sins or signs of cheap SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is much more than just naming pages and creating generic keyword phrases. Out of the hundreds if not thousands of people offering SEO services, a very small percentage have the real skills necessary to SEO a website. In this video, we present 12 ‘deadly signs’ of a cheap SEO company and the reasons to avoid them.

Cheap SEO and the bad alternatives to PPC ads

Not all web traffic is good traffic, especially when it’s 3000 visits generated by bots. This is just another dirty tactic practised by those cheap and nasty SEO companies.

The hidden cost of cheap SEO

Why do businesses take the cheap route with their online strategy and are then dumbfounded when they get spammed, receive poor results or get blocked by Google? Today we’re discussing SEO horror stories.

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