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Barbras Instagram Debut and The Streisand Effect

Some controversy was created by Barbra Streisand’s Instagram Debut. The problem was that it was simply too perfect for some people. Social Media is obviously a ‘fly on the wall’ sort of approach to content. Make your content great and make it compelling, but sculpted and glossy?

Hmmmm, we will leave it up to you to decide what’s best, based on who your friends and followers are – and what they expect from you.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss Barbara’s Instagram Debut and The Streisand Effect.



Ian: The Streisand Effect of Barbra’s Instagram debut.

Andrew: However in this case in this case, unfortunately in this case it is the negative Streisand effect.

Ian: It is, isn’t it?

Andrew: It is a bit of an issue.

Ian: People put up some picturesque shall I say, photos on instagram. It is that sort of platform. However Barbra’s had a bit of a backlash, because she has gone a bit too far.

Andrew: Yes, she has, because Instagram is supposed to be spontaneous.

“This is what I was up to a minute ago”

Ian: It is supposed to be warm and fuzzy.

Andrew: Now, we really like Barbara. We’ve got nothing against Barbra.

Ian: We love Barbra, we’ve have named out pink flamingo after Barbra.

Hello Barbra if you are watching!

Andrew: Some of you might have read about this, a couple of days ago.

I guess it would have been her publicist, I don’t think Barbra would have come up with this. They decided to do a bit of a Barbra Streisand Instagram account. So they had a photo put up of Barbra, it’s a fairly decent photo of Barbra. But if you have a look at the photo if you haven’t already seen it?

Ian: Yes… There it is…

Andrew: It’s a great photo. However, the issue with it is… It’s fake! It is staged. Clearly not a natural “Hey, this is what I am doing this afternoon lounging around with my dog.”

Ian: Yes… But that really is Barbra though.

Andrew: It is but… She’s done up and she looks like she is going out to accept an award or something. And then the caption was… Which it fine; “Isn’t my Samantha just precious?” I guess that is the dog in the picture. And the backlash has been that people are a bit upset that it looks all staged and that is not the idea of Instagram.

Ian: No, it is not.

Andrew: For me, I think it is a very petty thing to get upset about something like this.

Ian: It just shows that people should have other things to do. A couple of the twitter comments are interesting, Just to set the scene here: preparations under way for Barbra’s second Instagram. And young Tony’s tweet here favourited 103 times (obviously very popular) shows a picture of a massive range of lighting equipment that is ready to be set up for her next photo. Thanks for that, Tony! We’ve got a whole lot of sort of gushy ones, obviously Barbra”s got a lot of fans out there. However Olivia says Barbra Streisand is on Instagram then if that is not enough reason to follow her then just go and bury your head in the sand. Olivia looks about fifteen or so probably does not know the history of Barbra Streisand. What else have we got here?

Do we have to keep looking at Barbra? You can see it on Twitter and Instagram if you want to have a gushy look at Barbra. Can we take this bloody thing down now?

Andrew: This is what Barbra does, she is adored by her fans.

Ian: It is stuck up there now!

Andrew: Mr Director, C’mon! (Andrew snapping his fingers) I think our director has a fascination with Barbra!

Ian: I think that is true, We might have to have a bit of a chat to him about that, we love Barbra but Geeee… Just one other comment I’ll read you. This is from Last Shadow, “Barbra Streisand joins Instagram, she really does not understand anything.” I don’t know if that means anything on Instagram of anything: “period”!

Andrew: That is a bit…

Ian: I am not going that far but I think this guy is a bit of a smart Alec.

Andrew: Well, Barbra is 73 years old.

Ian: 73!!!!?

Andrew: 73. But you know, I think it is great that she is getting into all of this online social media and Twitter, FaceBook and god knows what! However there are others that are just as old, and I am sure she would not get upset if we said that.

Ian: Just as old? Just as mature.

Andrew: Just as mature okey. I am not sure she is 73 but she is somewhere around that. She’s got the hang of social media and Twitter and somebody asks her, “What does she think of popstar Madonnas birthday?” And she tweeted back saying: “I went and got a colonic!” So that is what she thought Madonna’s birthday. The one I really like is Elizabeth Taylor when she was still alive. She found out that Lindsay Lohan was gonna play her in an autobiography about her life and in 2010 she tweeted, “No one is gonna play Elizabeth Taylor BUT Elizabeth Taylor.”

Ian: Yes…

Andrew: She’s got the principle of the whole social media thing right. And I think Barbra, as much as we love you, your publicist should have known better!! That is not what Instagram is for.

Ian: Yes, well you know, do some other casual photos around it as well. Maybe slap the camera on top of the dogs head. A little bit of a helmet shot, running after Barbra, while she is supposed to be taking a walk or something. You know just a bit of real life there. When she is down at McDonalds having a Big Mac.

Andrew: Or cooking in the kitchen.

Ian: Or being cooked for by the four chefs or whatever. Or waited on by six housekeepers.

Andrew: Or throwing her phone at one of the staff.

Ian: (Laughing Again) That was not Barbra doing that. That was some other New Zealand or Australian actor who we will not mention…

Andrew: Because she is not Barbra, and this is about Barbra.

Ian: There was a he that threw the phone.

Andrew: But there was also a she that did it; one of the supermodels.

Ian: This is a call to action! I can’t stand calls to action. However, comment below this video. Tell us anybody, at least that we know of, who has thrown a phone in their career and been famous for it. Maybe there is a bit of a Streisand effect factor there? Or not? Anyway, I am just really interested in people that throw phones. I have never thrown a phone. Not deliberately anyway…

Andrew: I am just a little bit confused as to why we are doing this video. It just dawned on me, of course, this is the reverse Barbra effect. Because what she was trying to do it get into the limelight in a sense. She wanted to be in it but she was trying too hard, and the reverse effect was that people hated it and it went viral in the sense that she got the reverse effect, not the effect she wanted to have. She wanted to say: “Look at my dog how beautiful she is!” Reverse effect!!

Ian: “Hashtag: tryhard”

Andrew: Barbra! Barbra..

Ian: “Hashtag: try hard.” Let’s get that trending! Thanks, Andrew! Fun as always! The Streisand Effect we will continue to do these videos even though probably don’t have a clue what they are about or understand why we are wasting our time rolling these out! But anyway, it’s been fun!

Andrew: You are still watching!

Ian: We are committed to getting Barbra for an interview at some stage. That is really what is behind all of this.

Andrew: Yeah, or to dominate the internet with the Streisand effect or to get an interview with Barbra herself.

Ian: And if we can’t get Barbra I will probably settle for an interview with her publicist. I will be asking her some very curly question and I might even throw a phone. But anyway, we will wait till we get to that. Thanks everyone!

Andrew: No, don’t throw the phone! Offer her one of our drinks!

Ian: Oh yes, that will be enough to scare her into an interview!

Andrew: That will probably have the same effect!

Ian: Do an interview with us or you have to drink or we’ll make you drink one of these.

Andrew: That is it!

Ian: Cheers everybody, speak to you soon!

Andrew: Bye!

Ian: Sorry, Barbra!

Jennifer Lawrences Naked Photos Prompt Streisand Effect

A hacker recently leaked naked photos of some high profile celebrities, some of which being Rhianna, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. In particular, the Jennifer Lawrence scandal has sparked huge debate and media attention, which, has created another unwanted Streisand Effect.

In this video Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how this Jennifer Lawrence scandal has created yet another Streisand Effect.



Andrew: Okay…

Ian: This I’ve got to know about, who is Jennifer Lawrence?

Andrew:  Before we get into that aren’t you going to ask what the significance of this thing here is?

Ian:  Not now because you’ve asked but yeah this looks very familiar, this is from… It’s very shapely, it’s a yard glass obviously.

Andrew: Yeah, but because we are talking about nudes.

Ian: We are talking about nudes and it has a nice shape.

Andrew: You’ve got the waist here and this is the booty part of it you see.

Ian: And look at this and see how it is moving down towards, you won’t be able to see this properly.  Oh yes you can, it is moving downwards towards the booty.

Andrew: Now their blue because of these nude photos.

Ian: I like this, I like where you are going.  So what’s happened? How is Barbara, nudity and Jennifer Lawrence and the Streisand effect, how do they all…

Andrew: Fit together?

Ian: We’ve got to be very careful on this hangout don’t we?

Andrew: We do, we do that’s why I am being very deliberate in what I say.  Seriously Jennifer Lawrence and quite a few other celebrities if you like have had their photos taken and uploaded to their iCloud accounts and some hacker went in there and posted them publicly. And in my mind if you’re a celebrity or you’re not a celebrity, take nude photos it’s wonderful.  But don’t upload them to your iCloud or post them on your Instagram or twitter or Facebook

Ian: Or drop box, or Picasso

Andrew: All of these things can be hacked and just to give you an idea of how many celebrities…

Ian: …well you could get robbed too!

Andrew: Yeah but that’s highly… Look at this, this is a list: there are a lot of names on here.  These are the celebrity accounts that have been hacked.

Ian: Oh dear! Really?

Andrew:  There is probably, maybe a hundred and something here.

Ian: But who looks at this stuff?

Andrew: You would be surprised!

Ian: Who has got the time to sit around and look up nude photos online? I certainly don’t!

Andrew: Well no you have a life, these guys don’t!

Andrew: And I won’t single out any uni students, shall we.  Seriously the thing that made all of this explode was that celebrities came out and said yes these are my nude photos. So what are they going to do, if they know there are nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence out there, what are they going to do? They are going to look for it hence the Streisand effect again.  Other celebrities have said no these are not me do you think that they get that many searches? No they don’t.

Ian: This is so much like the hangout we did last week on the Streisand effect.  You know it was the court ruling where Google forget.  Oh, I put this form into Google which you can get a particular blog or article about you which is defamatory taken down.  The moment it comes down you say oh Google forgot this article and then everybody knew about the article and they start re-posting the article and other links to it and things like that.  It is the same thing, be quietly excited.

Andrew: You see to me these celebrities who you know take these photos of themselves and make videos of themselves, doing things with their partner whatever.  That’s all fine, I’m not a prude go for it by all means.  But if you have got a brain in your head and if you are a celebrity of some note. Don’t post them anywhere keep them at home!  You are a celebrity, people care about the things you do and say and yes if there are nude videos of you they are going to find it.  They are going to exploit it so don’t cry wolf when this sort of thing happens to you, stop doing it.

Ian: You are right with what you are saying but I think a lot of these celebrities like this.  You know there is like this weird sort of roundabout way where something has gone online but then they…  I’m not saying all of them but I’m saying there is a certain amount who are like: “Oh, suddenly I am more famous because there is a sex tape or there is a nude photo or whatever there is and there are even some people who will try it as part of their strategy to get more famous.

Andrew: This is true.

Ian: That’s a worry.

Andrew: I’m just taking a quick look at the list and there’s just maybe a handful of I guess of what you would call A grade?

Ian: A list celebrities.

Andrew: A list celebrities, the rest of them I haven’t really heard of or you know they are just really small in the scheme of things so yeah it is a good way to make your name known but…

Ian:  Barbara would be very upset about this.

Andrew: She would be!

Ian: Because Barbara’s public persona has been quite heavily controlled up until her recent Instagram.

Andrew:  Well she’s been the subject of a few Barbara Streisand effects as well herself.

Ian: Which by the way is our most popular video.

Andrew: Absolutely!

Ian: It has gone around LinkedIn and other social networks many, many times

Andrew: See we are doing something right aren’t we?

Ian: I don’t know?!

Andrew: We should say: “Don’t watch the Barbara Streisand effect videos, don’t watch them, they are rubbish, don’t watch them!”

Ian: That’s a good idea.  The Streisand effect of the Streisand effect, is that our next video?

Andrew: I have no idea what you are talking about but okay.  There you go there is Streisand effect on Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pics

Ian: Is there any reason why we singled out Jennifer Lawrence when there are so many?

Andrew: No no, it’s just that her face is on the article.

Ian: Oh, okay!

Andrew: There are lots of others.

Ian: Oh okay so let’s go through every single celebrity who has done this and do a video for each one.  We could be here a while, there’s what? How many is there?

Andrew: Out of this list here there is only one I really recognize and that is Kirsten Dunst. The rest I don’t even recognize.

Ian: You are so out of the loop Andrew!

Andrew: Oh, Kirsten she’s been around forever!

Ian: She doesn’t look like she has been around forever.

Andrew: No.

Ian: What a sweetheart!

Andrew: That is not what I meant.

Ian: I know!

Andrew: She’s only going to get emails complaining about bagging Kirsten Dunst.

Ian: Quite the contrary, quite the contrary.  Is there another Spiderman movie coming along?

Andrew: Yeah but she’s not in it. She hasn’t been in the last two.

Ian: I know but I want her to be in the next one though.

Andrew: That’s another kettle of fish.

Ian: She could actually come back as the villain, that would be a real twist to the Spiderman series.

Andrew: She could come back as the mother of the new spider man.

Ian: Why because she is so old now?

Andrew: No, because her and the old Spiderman were together and now there is a movie about a new Spiderman that is the son of the original Spiderman, so she’s the mother.

Ian: This is getting very confusing, thanks very much guys!

Andrew: We don’t know what we are talking about it anymore.

Ian:  Jennifer if you are watching well done! I hope this has helped your celebrity. But in the future probably don’t announce it to everybody that you have been hacked, that’s probably not a good idea.  Actually you would probably be better off putting all of your nudes on a DVD on high res and then head down to TMZ and say here you go guys, bang… That would have actually been a better approach because then they would have said: “We don’t care, this is not newsworthy.”

Andrew: Any complaints?

Ian: Queries, worries, concerns… Email me? Why?

Andrew: Because you are the one that said that!

Ian: Oh, okay!

Andrew: I didn’t say that, I was trying to be really tactical.

Ian: Google it at Don’t, if you are watching this and thinking oh great I will send these guys an inquiry about lead generation or SEO.  Don’t send us that stuff.  Just send us stuff that has to do with the videos and with SEO.  Don’t suddenly watch this video and think: “Great here is an opportunity for me to like lead generation!” I’ve been getting quite a few of those emails and I get very excited when I get emails and I get down to the second paragraph and you are trying to sell me something, don’t do it! Speak soon, speak to you later.

Terrible French Cuisine and the The Streisand Effect

A French restaurants food turns sour when a court fines a blog owner for a high ranking unfavourable review setting the Streisand Effect in motion once again. The restaurant’s owners took legal action against the blogger due to the fact that her supposedly disparaging blog post ranked highly on Google at 4th position.  A French Court ruled she had to change the article’s title and awarded the restaurant €2,500 in fines and court costs.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss another occurrence of the Streisand Effect.


Anti Uber Taxi Drivers and The Streisand Effect

“European taxi drivers rediscover the Streisand Effect with Uber Protest” was the headline of an article on the website on the 12th of June 2014.

This protest once again demonstrates the Streisand effect principle that the more you protest about something to go away, the more attention you draw to it hence the more popular it becomes. Maybe these taxi drivers just should have let Uber be.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss another occurrence of the Streisand Effect.




Ian: The Streisand Effect on Anti Uber Taxi drivers! What am I talking about!?

Andrew: What on earth is Uber?

Ian: Uber is a company and an iPhone app and android app, I can imagine

Andrew: Of course it is. I’ve got it!

Ian: That allows you to hire a car and you can do that by checking the location of the car and other people where they are going and then split the fairs.

Andrew: Like a chauffeur driven, not limousine, but like a Taxi.

Ian: Like a taxi service. And these Taxi drivers in Europe complained about it. They are not very happy about it. I am not sure they know all the details of what the Uber app is all about.

However in true Streisand effect from what they have done is created a bit of a buzz around Uber now and this awesome article written by Tim Worstall lets us know that Uber downloads  have actually gone up as a result. So thank you very much taxi drivers. What have you done! You’ve created a monster!

Andrew: There  you go…

Ian: What do you think about all of this?

Andrew: Not a lot! I am just gonna sit here.. No, But once again it is a classical example of the Streisand effect. You try to hide something. You try to protest something that you don’t want people to know about. And what happens? Media picks it up! The internet picks it up and it explodes in your face!

Ian: That’s it!

Andrew: That’s exactly what happened here!

Ian: That’s it! And as Tim says so eloquently. This was not particularly well known outside of Europe so now he has kind of started a global sensation. I had vaguely heard of this but had not explored it until we saw this. So I did a little case study. Just as an example.

From Bayswater to the City office on Bourke St, Melbourne To go via Uber it was gonna cost you $57.75 if you just go in sort of a normal car. A slightly bigger sort of a luxurious car which obviously fits a few more people $87.11. However, if you go by a yellow cab, the local yellow cabs, that have been around for years, yonks, $49 is what I came up with!

Andrew: But in Ubers defence though as far as I understand  there is actually two of you in the car you can go 50/50!

Ian: You can to that in a cab!

Andrew: Can you?

Ian: Sure!

Andrew: Noooo!

Ian: You can do that in a cab as well!

Andrew: No you can’t!

Ian: Go with a couple of friend and you can argue who’s gonna pay what! However, the Uber thing is that it that it pairs you up with people you don’t know so you can share a cab. So it is a little bit like the original idea behind carpooling in the US.

So anyway just thought out of interest we should have a bit of a look. That is one example obviously.

So European taxi drivers: I know that the prices are different over there.

But our little Australian case study shows that providing you are a bit more organised with your friends that a local cab is about the same.

Andrew: This is not an ad for Uber by any means but another way of demonstrating the Streisand effect.

Ian: The yellow cabs might get a lot more calls now. Probably not.

Andrew: Or more complaints from us….

Ian: So thank you very much! Streisand effect at work again.

What are we drinking here!?

Andrew: I was told it has a very interesting odour!

Ian: Like freshly mowed grass! With the addition of…? It smells a bit like Skittles.

Andrew: I think they are trying to tell us something.

Ian: The internal laboratory workers?

Andrew: Inter… Intern… Pro… What am I trying to say!

Ian: I am not sure we might have to do a separate hang out while you work it out.

Andrew: Intern Professors! That’s it!

Ian: Intern professors! Lovely! I am glad we got that out!

Thank you very much! Glad to have you with us. Send in your Streisand effect examples. There are tons of them out there! We’re gonna be doing this for years!

We are not gonna talk about SEO anymore. We’re just gonna talk about Barbra Streisand for the rest of our careers.

Andrew: Cheap SEO!

Ian: And how that relates to Barbra Streisand!

Andrew: Oh, god that’s gonna be a stretch!

Ian: Thanks guys! See you very soon!

Andrew: Bye!

Ian: Cheers!


A Negative Review Policy and the Streisand Effect

A hotel made the news over the weekend when it was revealed that it was threatening their clientele with $500 fines for bad reviews that get taken out of their deposits. When outed for the practice, their previously golden reputation on review sites plummeted to 1 star on Yelp in just a day. Ouch!

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss what a negative review policy and  ‘The Streisand Effect’ have in common.



Ian: The Streisand effect of the Negative review policy! What’s in front of us!?

Andrew: They’re our drinks apparently!

Ian: Cheers!

Andrew: Cheers!

I don’t know what the hell is in it!

Ian: Like my mother used to say! “Wash your mouth with soap!”

Thank you Barbra for joining us! We have been enjoying this Streisand effect so much we thought we’d make Barbra a permanent fixture on the show.

Andrew: She is our special guest tonight. Today… Tonight…

Ian: Wherever you are in the world! All good! So thank you very much, Our Guy in L.A for sending us a hilarious article. Now, now hilarious for the business. But they are a bit of a silly mob for trying to fine people for writing bad reviews.

Andrew: Mmmm, yep!

Ian: I am gonna let Andrew take over from here.

Andrew: I don’t wanna mention their name.

Ian: You can just Google it anyway.

Andrew: There is this hotel in the greater N.Y area.

Ian: Haha, They are gonna find it!

Andrew: They’d have to do their own Yelp search.

The Hotel does not allow for negative Yelp reviews for wedding guests. Do you know what they do? They charge you 500 dollars for every negative review and either you or one of your guests has to leave.

Ian: And then if you take the review down they will give you your 500 dollars back. How to they enforce this? What ridiculousness isn’t this!

Andrew: Before we get into that: Just before all of this blew up in the media because on of the guests made a big deal about it. Before there were about 30 something reviews. Most of them a bit iffy… But after the media got ahold of this and they put this post up there were ( at that point 19 hrs ago) 572 reviews. So from the odd 30 to 572, and most of them were actually negative. However I just had another look at that particular review site and now there are over 720 since this article was actually posted.

Ian: Oh, no!

Andrew: So once again it is the Streisand Effect! Named after our special guest here. If you try to mess with the natural the natural flow of things. like in this case reviews, you will draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Ian: You do! And now you got the opposite effect of what you wanted to achieve.

Andrew: Absolutely!

Ian: Thank you, Barbara!

Andrew: They only wanted good reviews but of course now every man and his dog is coming out! Their policy is: “ Please know that despite the fact that we and couples love “………….” your friends and families may not. If you have booked “…………..” for a wedding of any other type of event and given us a deposit of any kind there will be a $500 fine that will be deducted from your deposit for every negative review placed on any internet site by anyone in your party. WOW!

Ian: I find it very interesting. Wow! I know! I find it very interesting that the hotel tried to deny it by actually saying it was a joke. They did not mean that they were actually gonna charge people $500. Then this email came out from the hotel: A guest supplied a particular news company with. And they were actually asking $500 for the bad review.

Andrew: Unbelievable!

Ian: You can’t make up this stuff!

Andrew: I worked out that they can have a thriving by asking people for bad reviews! And getting guests to pay for them.

Ian: How much would they make?

Andrew: There are about 720 reviews on there. Let’s say it is only 700 negative ones. 700×500=350,000 dollars!!!!! In 10 hrs!

Ian: Ironic!

Andrew: My goodness! Really they have just left themselves open for every nut job to actually place a negative review. And what it has done is that it has crucified their reputation. We are not getting into too much detail but they claim to be an old fashioned type of establishment with old fashioned furniture and all of that stuff. Which is wonderful but…

I have just picked a few random comments about this place, one of them goes: Everything here is old and quirky in a bad way the curtains spell like combination of body odour and cigarette smoke and the cupboards made me feel greasy.

Ian: (laughing away)

Andrew: Yes! Greasy! Like that film you feel on your hands after petting your long haired and it needs a bath. And the furniture looks like something you’d pull out of grandma’s basement.

Ian: No, you don’t want grandma’s basement…

Andrew: Imagine something along the lines of creepy uncle Dave’s overly pungent cologne – smacks you in the face when you walk in and all your clothes will smell like it when you leave!

Ian: Is anybody going to go to this hotel now?

Andrew: Not now! Once again someone quoted their cancellation policy and part of it says: “Cancel at your own risk. We do not accept all cancellation requests.” Which is illegal for a start and is just not enforceable.

Ian: I’d love to know who the management is!

Andrew: Another one: “My girlfriend and I stayed here over the weekend and they limit us to one poop a day or we were to be charged an excess fee of $200.”

Ian: Is that someone having a lend of them, is it?

Andrew: I stayed at a place once, about 20 odd years ago, in Adelaide. It was one of these hostel type, cheap accommodation.  This was my wife and I at the time. They said to us you can either sleep on the double bed or on the single bed and if you guys have a fight you have to make that bed in the morning or we’ll charge you.

Ian: Hahaha, so just made sure you did not have a fight!

Andrew: No! We just jumped on all beds. That is ludicrous!

Ian: I know! It is a bit like saying to a kid: “Do not eat that chocolate easter egg!’

Andrew: Yep.

Ian: Of course the kid will be all over it!

Andrew: And one more review! I’ll censor it because it a bit… You know…

“The maids told us we could smoke weed in the room if we kept it down. But we always be smoking loud! So you know the manager was at the door in 20. We thought he was gonna trip but he was so cool about it! 6/10 we would stay here again!” Of course you would buddy because you can smoke dope in  your room.

Ian: And you would not mind how the curtains smell! Because you could not smell it over your own whatever!

Andrew: Mmm… Uncle Dave’s cheap cologne!

Ian: Once again we are completely flabbergasted by people out in the world running businesses who has little or next to idea of how to manage, run , policies, reputation issues… Come on! They have gone from bad management and now to attorney and publicist to somehow recover their image. If that is even possible. They probably just have to close down.

Andrew: I reckon they were really worried because they knew the reviews  are not gonna be great. I mean the place is just not up to par. Putting all the funny ones aside of course. Excess poop charge etc… I don’t know if that is true or not. The smell of the place generally seems to be a theme if you have a look through the comments. It’s the smell. It’s the sanitation. It’s all of that sort of stuff that really get’s them. I think that is what they were trying to get to. Or rather the management was trying to squash. But once again the Streisand effect! You try to negate something it will come back and bite you on the backside!

Ian: You can’t treat it that way. You either have to make improvements to your establishment, your management etc or you got to get proper customer feedback. Not threaten them with $500 fines.

Andrew: Well, this is the lesson in the streisand effect! Clean up your act and don’t try to squash reviews and make people pay for it.

Ian: Talk to people normally. Get feedback.

Andrew: The only reason this blew up is because they made such a big deal out of it in their policy. And of course the guests got really peeved off and BANG!

Ian: For more entertainment  you can go on and find this particular establishment and read the reviews! There are some real clangers on there! I think most of the ones written the last 24 hrs are not true. They are just people making a point really.

Andrew: Well, they have opened themselves up for it!

Ian: Don’t annoy the public! And don’t be an A-hole when running a business. Alright!

Andrew: And we’ll make sure Barbra comes in every so often. “Just to pop in and say: Hi!”

Ian: Yes, you can tune in for more of the Streisand Effect along the way we will have many, many more examples of it! There seems to be more than I realized.

Andrew: I’ll check back tomorrow! I bet you there will be over a thousand!

Ian: I bet you there will! I bet you they’re on their way to not having a business at all. No one is going to want to go there!

Andrew: Alright, cool! I was expecting a call from Barbra.

Ian: Speak to you all very soon! She should call! Because it could be fantastic publicity we’re giving her… how ironic!





The Streisand Effect-Will You Suffer From It?

The Streisand Effect was coined by the founder of the Techdirt website, Mike Masnick in 2005. It is so named because of a photo a man once took on Malibu beach that just happened to have Barbara Streisand’s home in the background. Until Streisand voiced her concerns to the photographer and took him to court it had been downloaded just 6 times. After she went public with it the effect was viral.

Basically, it’s  when you attempt to have something taken down from the internet and the publicity from trying to do it in fact increases the popularity and newsworthiness of the particular video, image, text, or reference you are trying to have deleted. Unfortunately sometimes the result is the total opposite of what you were trying to do in the first place.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the phenomenon known as ‘The Streisand Effect’.





Ian: Will you suffer from the Streisand effect?

Andrew: I hope not! What the hell was that?

Ian: Is that the Streisand effect? When Barbra Streisand comes really close to your face.

Andrew: Nah, that is not what the Streisand effect is about.

I actually love this: Streisand effect! This was in 2003. A certain photographer was taking pictures of Malibu beach he happened to get Barbra Streisand’s home in the background in Malibu. She wanted the picture to be taken down. He said: “No.” Barbara took him to court. And of course it all blew up. And before it was all made public there were only 6 downloads of that photograph. After all the publicity there were 420,000 visits every month to that website.

Ian: Oohhhhhhh……

Andrew: That is why they call it the Streisand effect!

Ian: An attempt to get the photo suppressed or taken down it went viral. This happens a lot, this kind of thing!

Andrew: But the reason we are talking about it today is because of all this new stuff about the right to be forgotten. And of course it is not just everyday people who are doing that. Celebrities who take Google on for whatever reason it’s  publicity. For example you might remember this one a few months ago at the superbowl. A site called BuzzFeed published some rather unflattering, if you like, fierce moments of a Beyoncé performance! Nobody seemed to make too much of a deal of it till the publicist called them and told them that they want those photos taken down because they are very unflattering.

Ian: It was BuzzFeed how took the photos or?

Andrew: They just published them.

Ian: Alright.

Andrew: They of course refused and went back to the photos and put a heading to it saying: “The “unflattering” photos Beyoncé’s publicist doesn’t want you to see!” Of course like you said before it all went viral. Not just on that website. People copied the photos. Tweeted about it. Posted it on Facebook and so on. It just went crazy!

Ian: Is this sort of like “Keep your friend close, but your enemies closer”?

Andrew: Yeah, Exactly.

Ian: Don’t get the journalist ticked off they will take you to task.

Andrew: Absolutely And another case. Our favourite person, Tom Cruise. It was a video of him talking about scientology. But it was only meant for members. And of course they wanna take it down. The place that it was published on refused and of course it went absolutely crazy.

Ian: So people were re-posting it on other websites?

Andrew: Yep.

Ian: Do you feel sorry for that happening to them? That is kind of the world we live in.

Andrew: Another example, a few months ago,  in Europe somebody puts in a request to take down a result. The very person who started all of this, Mario Costeja Gonzales, he was the one that fought a legal battle about the right to be forgotten. He complained that in Google, when you google his name an article from 16 years ago came up about selling a property to recover money that he owed. He wanted that taken down. He then had to take Google to court with that came publicity.

Ian: Did they take it down?

Andrew: Yes.

Ian: And now we are talking about him…

Andrew: This is actually a report from BBC news, from today: As of this moment his name conjures up hundreds of thousands Google search results.

Ian: Okey.

Andrew: He wanted a few taken down and now he is more popular than ever!

Ian: It backfired! We can call this the Gonzalez Effect instead of the Streisand Effect.

Andrew: Well, the Streisand has been around longer.

Ian: Has it really?

Andrew: Yeah, 2003!

Ian: Geeee…

Andrew: Sorry, Correction, 2005.

Ian: But still! That seems like an eon ago in Internet land.

Andrew: It does. Sometimes it just better, if  you find something about yourself, to just let it go. Unless it is really slanderous. It’ll get buried in the Google results. Just let it go.

Ian: Yeah. Some of the technology people I have seen in the Valley do that. Were they’ll say look we got it wrong. And instead of making a defending it and making a big thing of it they’d say: “Look we got it wrong. This is the world we live in. Everything’s in bata. We’re very sorry and we’ll move on. And then it is not a news item.

Andrew: Well, exactly!

Ian: It is for a moment. But it doesn’t continue. The only thing is I did see a video, I think it was Mark Zuckerberg where they said: Facebook apologises a lot don’t they? And somebody put together all the times they had said Sorry. “Sorry, we got it wrong!”“Sorry, we got it wrong!” “Sorry!” “Sorry, Sorry!”

Andrew: Yep!

Ian: And I thought: well okay at least they are not initially putting up these walls of excuses. To make the story last longer. It’s a smarter way of approaching it.

Andrew: And just a word from a public relations expert who says that modern celebrities who are open to twitter trolls and online parodies need the skin of a rhino. And that is a part of your “celebreteism’.

Ian: It is. And it has always been that way. It is just that the internet has enhanced it. Exponentially.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ian: I saw one of the late shows. I cannot remember which one of the late shows it was. But they had a lot of actors on there. And they were reading terrible tweets about themselves. I e insulting tweets about themselves. Very cool! I believe Matt Damon, you know, big time actors. Insulting tweets like: “ Matt Damon has a really, really big nose!” “He is a blithering idiot!” And they were reading these tweets about themselves and laughing about them. That is really the attitude you gotta take.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ian: Sorry, it was Graham Norton show! Typical of his humour!

Andrew: Absolutely! And it was also Matt Damon who somebody made up a song about what they wanted to do to Matt Damon and he appeared in the video.

Ian: Yes!

Andrew: He just lets it go. It is the way it should be done if you are in public life.

Ian: It was Sarah Silverman who did the video.

Andrew: I think so yeah. That was brilliant though.

Ian: That’s what you gotta do. So what happens out of that? Matt Damon is cool because he can take a roast and he can join in and roast himself.

Andrew: Yes. Don’t stuff up the Streisand effect! You will be sorry.

Ian: Yes! Don’t do it! Do these people do it because they don’t have any foresight or do they do it because they actually like the attention?

Andrew: Or it could be a roundabout way to get an unflattering story about them buried. And get their struggle to sue Google to the top. It’s too much effort I think. There you go! It will eventually disappear. Who cares!?  Like I said: Unless it is totally slanderous or rude images or whatever it is. But even then the same thing will happen!

Ian: Yeah, exactly. We’ve seen that happen a few times.

Andrew: It’s like when you are trying to ban a movie. What happens? It becomes even bigger! You try to ban a song! It’s gonna go absolutely ballistically viral!

Ian: I remember that video game Carmageddon, it was banned in New Zealand. It wasn’t banned here but it became so much more popular here because it was banned in New Zealand.

Andrew: There you go!

Ian: So, anyway!

Andrew: Don’t suffer the Streisand effect.

Ian: Good advice! What is this? It looks like Barbra Streisand has had a drink.

Andrew: I think this is the lab peoples idea of a Romulan ale. The ice has melted.

Ian: Romulan ale! I did not know Barbra Streisand was a Star Trek fan.

Andrew: My God that is awful!

Ian: On Romulus it would probably taste okay.

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Andrew: Bye!