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Google Adwords versus Organic SEO

Organic SEO vs Google Adwords. The big debate goes on.

There are many arguments for the pros and cons of both methods. In this short video, we try to condense the reasoning behind why we thing that organic SEO is a better option to take for your website than the short life span of Adwords or any other type of PPC (pay per click) advertising for that matter.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the age old battle of which is better, organic SEO or Adwords?



The Quiet Achievers-Real Expert SEOs

Everyday, all of us at work receive many telemarketing calls from companies trying to push their services. If its not phone calls, then its emails. We have a big problem with that. We understand these people have a job to do but the problem lies in their ‘cookie cutter’ approach and their regimented marketing script. They tell you that:

  • you are not ranking for “competitive keywords
  • they can get you to the top of Google in 3 months or less
  • they can get you more business/leads

All of which sounds great! But, when they tell you this, they have not done any research on your website or your industry. It’s just a generic script they have to read. For this reason, SEO companies that are really good at what they do, do not need to use telemarketing companies or email list companies to get their business. Its all based on referrals from happy and satisfied clients who are happy to recommend them to other businesses.

The SEO companies that have to rely on cold calling methods really do not know SEO at all. If they did, then their own websites and other forms of digital marketing should be generating all of their leads. After all, isn’t that what they do? Think about that the next time you answer a call from a telemarketer or read an email from someone representing a local SEO company.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss why SEO companies should not rely on telemarketing or spammy emails to generate business.


Is Your Business Being Ruined by Digital Marketing?

Many businesses are still not taking seriously the task of employing digital strategies that will work for them. If they do, most of the time, they aren’t doing a good job. Digital marketing that is not done correctly, can do more harm than good both to your website as well as your brand.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the problem of poor digital tactics and the damage it can do.


The Business of Digital with Mad Scientist Digital

The digital marketing business is often at times misunderstood.

A simple way to define digital marketing is: the promotion of brands or products using many forms of the electronic media.

What does it take for a company to do marketing in the digital arena the right way? There are three main ways you can break it down:

1. A good digital marketing company has to be able to manage the often complex customer relationship in both digital and traditional

2. A good marketing company has to be able to respond to as well as initiate dynamic customer interactions

3. To bring together big data from a variety of sources and to add value to their clients for better decision making

Out of the many thousands of digital marketing companies, most are snake oil salesman selling their ‘digital marketing’ expertise. An owner of a website should know what to look for before hiring a marketing company for their website. In this video, we endeavour to give you some helpful suggestions on what to look for before you get locked into any contacts.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson  along with  Keith Chagnon from the Los Angeles office, endeavour to give you some helpful suggestions on what to look for before you get locked into any digital marketing contracts.


Junk in My Inbox and SEO Rip-Offs

Nearly every day we all receive junk emails in our inbox. However, the ones that infuriate us the most are the ones that offer guest blogging, cheap SEO services or the ones that ask us to outsource our SEO work to them in some foreign, perhaps exotic part of the world.

Usually people in the SEO industry know better than to use these types of services especially when they come so cheap. But the everyday website owner does not know and as our experience in the past has shown, get caught in these cheap SEO offers. Later they find their site isn’t ranking as it once used to or worse still, it has totally disappeared form the search results.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson read some awesome examples of these cheap and sometimes nasty SEO offers and precisely what you should be doing with them.


Managing Your Online Reviews – David Guest, Ian Hopkinson, Andrew Radics

For most businesses, managing online reviews and your precious reputation can be overwhelming. There is a lot to know. Business coach David Guest has us on this Hangout discussing the importance of embracing reviews and using them as an opportunity to get to know your customers to grow your business.

In this video, Andrew RadicsIan Hopkinson with special guest David Guest, discuss how to manage your reviews online.


Part 1-How to Avoid Digital Marketing and SEO Rip-Offs


As a business owner, digital marketing (and SEO) is maybe something you are very confused about. However, you may have found yourself to be a victim of some fast talking sales person’s pitch or an email which promised you ‘guaranteed number 1 rankings’ on Google  in a very short period of time. Needless to say, more than likely it never happened. All that did happen was that your bank account was a little less full.

In an attempt to clean up the industry which is full of con artists and snake oil merchants, we have put together a small series of Google Hangouts with a list of what to watch out for BEFORE you sign ANY contract with an SEO company.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how to avoid being ripped off when you engage the services of a digital marketing company.


An Idiotic Yelp Review and The Streisand Effect

A woman recently left a negative review on Yelp after being informed that the restaurant she was in does not provide a take out service. The owner found out about the review, so he quickly responded with a rather lengthy reply. However, the Streisand effect in this case was a positive one. The restaurant received lots of positive comments in their defence. As a result, they are now busier than ever.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss yet another Yelp review and its unintended Streisand effect.


A Convicted Internet Marketer Confesses

Our experience in the search engine optimization/internet marketing business spans many many years. During that time, we have seen many businesses come and go, software designed to make our online lives easier, showed up to be either just plain rubbish or fraudulent.

Recently, an internet marketer sent us an email. It seems he either had an attack of conscience or he is in major damage control (we tend to believe it’s the latter). In the email, he ‘apologised’ for selling software that damaged peoples websites with its method. Needless to say, the online forums have basically crucified him and his software. But, nowhere in his ‘apology’ email did he make mention that he will refund all money to his unsatisfied customers. Maybe it’s because it would send him broke over night if he did. We have brought this up time and time again in our hangouts, DO NOT buy any automated software which is supposed to get you to the top of the rankings with nothing but a few clicks of your mouse.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the confessions of one well known internet marketer and his dodgy software.


Expert SEO Reports and Con Artists

If you are using an SEO company, you probably receive a report from them every month to see how the SEO work is progressing. We also supply reports to our clients that are easy to understand and give all of the relevant key metrics that are important for website owners to know.

Recently one of our local clients (who was locked into a 12 month contract with another SEO company) sent us their SEO report for the month of September 2014. Our reaction? Let’s just say we were both quite baffled as to why a professional SEO company would concentrate solely just on keyword rankings in their report. However, that wasn’t the worst part of it. Their keyword rankings were actually quite misleading as to their actual positions. Are these guys con artists or just totally ignorant as to what SEO really is?

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the often misleading reports that are written by some SEO companies.