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The Mobile Age of Telephone Throwing – Art or Sport?

Ian and Andrew here discuss the quirky sport of telephone throwing in Finland. Apart from throwing his own phone, Ian along with Andrew talk about the infamous incident when Russell Crowe threw a phone in the hotel suite, resulting in being arrested.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the phenomenon of throwing mobile phones.


Aaron Sorkin wins Oscar for The Social Network

Congratulations to Aaron Sorkin for his phenomenal adapted Screen Play The Social Network. It’s this kind of genius that has deservedly won him an Oscar today. If you haven’t seen the movie, I’m not sure it’s right to say you’re part of the world. Admittedly, I’m a self-proclaimed Social Media junkie but I found it to be nothing short of a masterpiece!

Read the full report in The Hollywood Reporter.

About the Author:

Ian Hopkinson is CEO of Mad Scientist Digital and a Creative Advisor to many start-up businesses across the globe.

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The Business of Digital with Mad Scientist Digital

The digital marketing business is often at times misunderstood.

A simple way to define digital marketing is: the promotion of brands or products using many forms of the electronic media.

What does it take for a company to do marketing in the digital arena the right way? There are three main ways you can break it down:

1. A good digital marketing company has to be able to manage the often complex customer relationship in both digital and traditional

2. A good marketing company has to be able to respond to as well as initiate dynamic customer interactions

3. To bring together big data from a variety of sources and to add value to their clients for better decision making

Out of the many thousands of digital marketing companies, most are snake oil salesman selling their ‘digital marketing’ expertise. An owner of a website should know what to look for before hiring a marketing company for their website. In this video, we endeavour to give you some helpful suggestions on what to look for before you get locked into any contacts.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson  along with  Keith Chagnon from the Los Angeles office, endeavour to give you some helpful suggestions on what to look for before you get locked into any digital marketing contracts.


Part 1-How to Avoid Digital Marketing and SEO Rip-Offs


As a business owner, digital marketing (and SEO) is maybe something you are very confused about. However, you may have found yourself to be a victim of some fast talking sales person’s pitch or an email which promised you ‘guaranteed number 1 rankings’ on Google  in a very short period of time. Needless to say, more than likely it never happened. All that did happen was that your bank account was a little less full.

In an attempt to clean up the industry which is full of con artists and snake oil merchants, we have put together a small series of Google Hangouts with a list of what to watch out for BEFORE you sign ANY contract with an SEO company.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how to avoid being ripped off when you engage the services of a digital marketing company.


Expert SEO and the Streisand Effect

What does Expert SEO have to do with the Streisand Effect? Great question. Find out in this latest installment when Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson explain how some recent comments from a fellow YouTuber sent our views soaring higher than ever. The only way to describe the irony of these classic digital situations is ‘Poetry in Motion.’

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss what expert seo has to do with The Streisand Effect?


Do You Know If You Are Using A Cheap SEO Service?

Ian and Andrew revisit the dangers posed to businesses when choosing to use cheap and nasty SEO companies. The potential risks and outcomes are discussed.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the risks a business takes by using cheap seo companies.


The Real Reason Behind Barbra Streisands Instagram Debut

This hangout revisits the popular Barbra Streisand Instagram debut. The REAL reason for Barbara’s Instagram debut is discussed as well as some of her well-known hits in the music industry, with her latest album release.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the well planned debut of Barbra on Instagram.


The Streisand Effect of Barbara’s Instagram Debut

Ian: The Streisand Effect of Barbra’s Instagram debut.
Andrew: However in this case in this case, unfortunately, in this case, it is the negative Streisand effect.
Ian: It is, isn’t it?
Andrew: It is a bit of an issue.
Ian: People put up some picturesque shall I say, photos on Instagram. It is that sort of platform. However, Barbra’s had a bit of a backlash because she has gone a bit too far.
Andrew: Yes, she has, because Instagram is supposed to be spontaneous.
“This is what I was up to a minute ago”
Ian: It is supposed to be warm and fuzzy.
Andrew: Now, we really like Barbara. We’ve got nothing against Barbra.
Ian: We love Barbra, we’ve have named out pink flamingo after Barbra.
Hello Barbra if you are watching!
Andrew: Some of you might have read about this, a couple of days ago.
I guess it would have been her publicist, I don’t think Barbra would have come up with this. They decided to do a bit of a Barbra Streisand Instagram account. So they had a photo put up of Barbra, it’s a fairly decent photo of Barbra. But if you have a look at the photo if you haven’t already seen it?
Ian: Yes… There it is…
Andrew: It’s a great photo. However, the issue with it is… It’s fake! It is staged. Clearly not a natural “Hey, this is what I am doing this afternoon lounging around with my dog.”
Ian: Yes… But that really is Barbra though.
Andrew: It is but… She’s done up and she looks like she is going out to accept an award or something. And then the caption was… Which it fine; “Isn’t my Samantha just precious?” I guess that is the dog in the picture. And the backlash has been that people are a bit upset that it looks all staged and that is not the idea of Instagram.
Ian: No, it is not.
Andrew: For me, I think it is a very petty thing to get upset about something like this.
Ian: It just shows that people should have other things to do. A couple of the twitter comments are interesting, Just to set the scene here: preparations under way for Barbra’s second Instagram. And young Tony’s tweet here favorited 103 times (obviously very popular) shows a picture of a massive range of lighting equipment that is ready to be set up for her next photo. Thanks for that, Tony! We’ve got a whole lot of sort of gushy ones, obviously Barbra”s got a lot of fans out there. However, Olivia says Barbra Streisand is on Instagram then if that is not enough reason to follow her then just go and bury your head in the sand. Olivia looks about fifteen or so probably does not know the history of Barbra Streisand. What else have we got here?
Do we have to keep looking at Barbra? You can see it on Twitter and Instagram if you want to have a gushy look at Barbra. Can we take this bloody thing down now?
Andrew: This is what Barbra does, she is adored by her fans.
Ian: It is stuck up there now!
Andrew: Mr Director, C’mon! (Andrew snapping his fingers) I think our director has a fascination with Barbra!
Ian: I think that is true, We might have to have a bit of a chat to him about that, we love Barbra but Geeee… Just one other comment I’ll read you. This is from Last Shadow, “Barbra Streisand joins Instagram, she really does not understand anything.” I don’t know if that means anything on Instagram of anything: “period”!
Andrew: That is a bit…
Ian: I am not going that far but I think this guy is a bit of a smart Alec.
Andrew: Well, Barbra is 73 years old.
Ian: 73!!!!?
Andrew: 73. But you know, I think it is great that she is getting into all of this online social media and Twitter, FaceBook and god know what! However there are others that are just as old, and I am sure she would not get upset if we said that.
Ian: Just as old? Just as mature.
Andrew: Just as mature okey. I am not sure she is 73 but she is somewhere around that. She’s got the hang of social media and Twitter and somebody asks her, “What does she think of pop star Madonnas birthday?” And she tweeted back saying: “I went and got a colonic!” So that is what she thought Madonna’s birthday. The one I really like is Elizabeth Taylor when she was still alive. She found out that Lindsay Lohan was gonna play her in an autobiography about her life and in 2010 she tweeted, “No one is gonna play Elizabeth Taylor BUT Elizabeth Taylor.”
Ian: Yes…
Andrew: She’s got the principle of the whole social media thing right. And I think Barbra, as much as we love you, your publicist should have known better!! That is not what Instagram is for.
Ian: Yes, well you know, do some other casual photos around it as well. Maybe slap the camera on top of the dogs head. A little bit of a helmet shot, running after Barbra, while she is supposed to be taking a walk or something. You know just a bit of real life there. When she is down at McDonalds having a Big Mac.
Andrew: Or cooking in the kitchen.
Ian: Or being cooked for by the four chefs or whatever. Or waited on by six housekeepers.
Andrew: Or throwing her phone at one of the staff.
Ian: (Laughing Again) That was not Barbra doing that. That was some other New Zealand or Australian actor who we will not mention…
Andrew: Because she is not Barbra, and this is about Barbra.
Ian: There was a he that threw the phone.
Andrew: But there was also a she that did it; one of the supermodels.
Ian: This is a call to action! I can’t stand calls to action. However, comment below this video. Tell us, anybody, at least that we know of, who has thrown a phone in their career and been famous for it. Maybe there is a bit of a Streisand effect factor there? Or not? Anyway, I am just really interested in people that throw phones. I have never thrown a phone. Not deliberately anyway…
Andrew: I am just a little bit confused as to why we are doing this video. It just dawned on me, of course, this is the reverse Barbra effect. Because what she was trying to do it get into the limelight in a sense. She wanted to be in it but she was trying too hard, and the reverse effect was that people hated it and it went viral in the sense that she got the reverse effect, not the effect she wanted to have. She wanted to say: “Look at my dog how beautiful she is!” Reverse effect!!
Ian: “Hashtag: tryhard”
Andrew: Barbra! Barbra..
Ian: “Hashtag: try hard.” Let’s get that trending! Thanks, Andrew! Fun as always! The Streisand Effect we will continue to do these videos even though probably don’t have a clue what they are about or understand why we are wasting our time rolling these out! But anyway, it’s been fun!
Andrew: You are still watching!
Ian: We are committed to getting Barbra for an interview at some stage. That is really what is behind all of this.
Andrew: Yeah, or to dominate the internet with the Streisand effect or to get an interview with Barbra herself.
Ian: And if we can’t get Barbra I will probably settle for an interview with her publicist. I will be asking her some very curly question and I might even throw a phone. But anyway, we will wait till we get to that. Thanks everyone!
Andrew: No, don’t throw the phone! Offer her one of our drinks!
Ian: Oh yes, that will be enough to scare her into an interview!
Andrew: That will probably have the same effect!
Ian: Do an interview with us or you have to drink or we’ll make you drink one of these.
Andrew: That is it!
Ian: Cheers everybody, speak to you soon!
Andrew: Bye!
Ian: Sorry, Barbra!

Can the Real Expert SEO Guy Please Stand Up Video

It’s so hard to tell who knows what they are talking about with SEO because it’s such a highly specialized area of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing companies establish relationships of trust with clients yes that’s fine, but do they deliver results, and how do you go about finding one in the first place?

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how to find a reputable seo company for your website.



Ian: Can the real expert SEO guy please stand up?

Andrew: What are you talking about?

Ian: What we’re talking about today is that it’s very hard to separate men from the boys out there. Who’s really going to do a great job with your SEO?

Andrew: Good question.

Ian: Exhibit A: Which one of these guys is going to do a great job with your SEO?

Andrew: How did you get hold of my holiday snaps?

Ian: The guy on the right, he looks very creative. Very creative, he’s got a trumpet up his nose, he’s doing a good job of it.

Andrew: He’s playing the nose trumpet.

Ian: Now the guy on the left, well does he know about SEO?

Andrew: Well he must, he’s connected to the world on his laptop and he’s dressed quite impeccably really.

Ian: I think I’m going to go with the guy on the right though. What’s the lesson here?

Andrew: Never judge a book by its cover?

Ian: That’s it, don’t go with your first impressions!

Andrew: They both look like experts, but in totally different fields!

Ian: Maybe you could actually comment on the video as to who you’d actually go with for SEO. Hopefully we’ll be able to give you some tips to help you make the right decision.

Andrew: Yes.

Ian: And you’re holding your phone because? That’s very rude.

Andrew: Oh sorry, it’s just that I don’t want to miss a call from our solicitor, I’m expecting a call.

Ian: I don’t think I want to know about that.

Andrew: So I thought I’d better hang onto it incase he calls.

Ian: Yes okay, hopefully nothing too serious. Maybe some of our past hangouts? So what’s the deal Andrew, how do we separate the men from the boys with SEO? It’s a very complicated area of digital marketing, generally the lay person wanting to have some digital marketing strategy or campaign done, it’s very hard for them to understand. Where do we start?

Andrew: Okay, this article is from Search Engine Lab?

Ian: I think this time…yes.

Andrew: Search Engine Journal, sorry about that. Now it’s actually a very good article because it breaks it down as to the different types of SEO companies that are out there. First of all, these are what they call the resellers. These are the ones that are fantastic at closing you, they take your money and then they outsource all the work to some other…

Ian: Exotic land?

Andrew: Yes, you have to be careful.

Ian: Which is Mother Russia, for example.

Andrew: So keep away from companies like that. Number two, then there’s the followers. These are the medium sized SEO companies who try to appear really big. They’re really a two man operation.

Ian: Yeah, that’s funny.

Andrew: Then there’s the guy next door who probably works out of his garage and does SEO services as a sideline for a bit of extra cash for his long weekends away.

Ian: We deal with those quite a lot.

Andrew: We do. And then there’s what they call the company next door, these guys are the smaller boutique type places that have connections with a few fairly large companies which allow them to keep the doors open which is wonderful. Then the companies you should stay away from type SEO’s. These are the companies that will guarantee rankings, such as method wise; submitting your site to a thousand search engines and directories, blog posting, forum commenting, all that sort of crap. These are the ones…oh sorry and will charge you under $100.

Ian: Useless.

Andrew: Useless! Stay away, stay away, stay away. Then there’s the company you’ve been looking for! What are these?

Ian: Oh, the one with a good reputation, with some testimonials and awards!

Andrew: Awards, yes!

Ian: And a knife for some reason, I don’t know why that’s there.

Andrew: Oh there goes our…

Ian: Oops, I’m going to be in trouble for that one.

Andrew: That knife nearly stuck into the…

Ian: The board table, the million dollar board table. There’s going to be an attorney showing up on our doorstep.

Andrew: On your doorstep. Anyway right, then there’s the companies that okay, awards are wonderful but it shows you that they’re doing something right. Somebody recognises them for some sort of achievement within the industry which is good.

Ian: Are you crying because of the board table?

Andrew: Yeah I am.

Ian: He’s wiping his eyes.

Andrew: All the time I go to polish that damn thing!

Ian: I want to go and check and make sure it’s ok.

Andrew: Is it scratched?

Ian: Oh you can’t really, I think it must’ve…

Andrew: Oh okay, you’re safe.

Ian: This is my theory, it landed like…

Andrew: The company you’ve been looking for; awards, wonderful. Then there’s references, testimonials from real clients, not some dodgy little thing up on a website with a little tiny photo of you know…

Ian: Random person?

Andrew: Random person that you’d you know?

Ian: With a stock shot.

Andrew: They can offer you credible, and most importantly uncomplicated information about the services they perform and the results they can achieve. They will use Social Media and SEO together into some sort of SEO campaign strategy. They will be able to show you proper case studies, real clients obviously. They will be able to back up their case studies with proper reports from Google Analytics which cannot be fudged, unless you’re an absolute genius that I’d love to meet. And they follow Search Engine Optimisation publishing guidelines through Google Webmaster and all of that. They follow the Google guidelines basically.

Ian: Yeah, thats it. The key thing is, which is what we do with our clients is an education process. You know what you’re getting, you’re not just paying this money out with absolutely no clues of what’s going to happen, or what the results are.

Andrew: Another important thing is that this company has to keep up with the latest SEO trends and changes in the algorithms and what not. I mean I spend a lot of time reading all this stuff about what’s happening, all the new changes like a few days ago Google deindexed a truck load of blog networks.

Ian: Yes I saw that article.

Andrew: Private, or PBN’s, private blog networks and that affected a lot of businesses. I mean there’s something a little bit dodgy about the way some of these private blog networks are obviously set up so that’s why they were easy to de-index.

Ian: And the poor unsuspecting businesses, that these people have their livelihood in their hands, essentially.

Andrew: Yeah well what Google were targeting was crappy sites with really thin content and over optimisation as well. It’s very easy to spot that those sites were just up there for links.

Ian: There is a case of trying too hard with SEO isn’t there?

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: Like Barbra Streisand’s Instagram debut? #tryhard

Andrew: Yes, the tryhards. What’s she doing all the way over there?

Ian: Last I heard she was going for a stroll, she’s obviously run out of steam and stopped there.

Andrew: Crazy bird.

Ian: Pretty quiet today actually.

Andrew: So there you go, that’s how you spot the real expert SEO.

Ian: The guy that should be standing up.

Andrew: The guy that should be standing up and coming to the plate. Oh my goodness!

Ian: These look bloody amazing actually.

Andrew: Yes, a nice head on them. Looks like a red, what do you call it? A red beer.

Ian: Is this the call you’ve been waiting for?

Andrew: That’s him, okay. Hello?

Ian: Oh, you take a call?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what it is. Look just tell him we absolutely refract. We take back everything we said about India and Russia and all those other countries, we just don’t want anymore of this happening. Okay? Just tell them we retract and that’s the end of the story. Okay? Oh my god.