Case Study – Mesmereyez

Who are Mesmereyez 

MesmerEyez are an ecommerce company selling cosmetic contact lenses to the Australian market. Over the past 15 years the global brand has grown from being relatively unknown to Australia’s number one brand in eye colour change, featuring in Vogue and London Fashion Week.

The site offers coloured contacts for both everyday eye colour change and for fancy dress/Halloween costumes, with demand for Halloween lenses peaking around September to October each year.


Why they came to us

The success of the MesmerEyez website is measured through conversions and sales generated, so a major goal of theirs when they approached Mad Scientist was to achieve a significant return on investment on their SEO strategy. This meant that ensuring we bring in traffic with the right intent through organic SEO was crucial.

Another main priority was to have their SEO working in tandem with their SEM, rather than against it. Often these approaches can create crossover and wasted budget, so working closely with MesmerEyez’s SEM partner was a priority for us in this project. 

One of the key challenges MesmerEyez faced was that larger competitors were occupying the top 3-5 spots for certain keywords, creating a ceiling on how high they could get. When MesmerEyez approached us at Mad Scientist, they let us know that ranking above those competitors was a key measure of success for our work. 


Our Process

As with all our projects, our approach started with a significant amount of research into the search behaviours of the target audience. Through this phase we were able to define a list of targeted keywords to focus on and improve the sites rankings for. 

Once these keywords were established through collaboration between our team and MesmerEyez, we rolled our sleeves up and got to work. The key areas of improvement we focused on to deliver results in that crucial Halloween period were – 

  • On Page SEO

A sometimes tedious process, we went through each aspect of the site and ensured that every asset on a page was configured to allow search engines to understand the page and rank it for relevant keywords. This includes aspects such as meta descriptions, image alt tags and internal linking. 

  • Content Strategy

Search engines like Google need a reason to rank your site, and valuable content is the best reason you can give them. To help MesmerEyez rank for their targeted keywords, content was crucial. 

We helped develop a content strategy which included optimising current pages on the site to reflect our keywords, and creating new relevant, engaging content to rank in search engines. 

  • Establishing Trust Through Links

An important factor in deciding the order on which a search engine presents its results is the trust of a domain. While this is a complex measurement, an easy way to track an increase is through a websites ‘Trust Flow’. 

Through our process of helping MesmerEyez acquire highly trusted, relevant backlinks to their site, we were able to see their Trust Flow increase from 7 when we started work in May to 16 in October where the Halloween traffic was a key target. 


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The Results

With the Halloween period being the biggest focus for MesmerEyez, we provided specialised reporting on Halloween (September + October) for 2020, compared to the previous year.

We saw a huge amount of improvement in the organic visibility of the site between the two periods, highlighted by – 

  • A 310% increase in the amount of organic traffic for the period. 
  • An increase in conversion rate of organic traffic of 14.9%.
  • These increases lead to an increase in conversions/transactions of 71.2%, and an increase in revenue directly from organic search of 78.36%