Can You Guarantee Me a Number 1 Spot On Google?

A common misconception there is that being Number 1 on Google for all of your keywords is the be all and end all to a successful SEO campaign. It never really was about that and certainly isn’t about that now. This is a one dimensional way of perceiving your SEO efforts. Don’t be sold to or obsessed on this point alone.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss is they can guarantee you a number one position on Google.



Ian: Andrew, lets go! What’s going on here? Ian Hopkinson and Andrew Radics

Andrew: No no, it’s fine, it’s cool.

Ian: Do you have to be here for this?

Andrew: Sorry, forgot these

Ian: Okay today we are going to be talking about, well the question is that we have had from quite a few clients. Can you guarantee that i’m going to be number one on Google? Don’t we just love that question?

Andrew: We do, we do

Ian: And various different kinds and versions of questions like that…. what’s the skinny?

Andrew: Okay, the right answer is, no we can not. Everybody else, well not everybody else but a lot of others will guarantee you can be number 1 within 2 weeks or 48 hours or some ridiculous claims like that. Basically, if a company says that to you or an individual, it doesn’t really matter the same rules apply. I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.

Ian: 40 foot barge pole

Andrew: Or an 8 foot Hungarian.

Ian: Sorry everybody who’s watching in Hungary

Andrew: Because nobody can really guarantee you top rankings, or even number 1 in google. Because if they do they’re actually going against Google guidelines, did you know that?

Ian: I didn’t know that, but it makes sense, it makes perfect sense

Andrew: Oh yeah, here’s one I prepared earlier. If you look up google webmaster tools and type in a question like ‘guarantee number one rankings’ look at what they say. It basically says “beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a special relationship with Google or advertise a priority submit to Google. There is no priority submit for Google, in fact the only way to submit a site to google directly is through our add URL page or by submitting sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.”

Ian: Oo, okay thats good, I like that

Andrew: So yeah if anybody says ‘okay, guarantee you number one within 48 hours, will make you number one, yaddah yaddah.’ Wonderful. Run.

Ian: Okay we’ll put that up on our website actually if anyone wants to get the link to that so you dont have to search around for that. But yes, thats interesting.
Andrew: And while we can’t guarantee you number one, we can actually guarantee a return on your investment. Because thats what it should be about, it shouldn’t be about rankings, thats 5 or 6 years ago.

Ian: Yeah well its never really been necessarily about that though. What should the main focus be with any SEO campaign in regards to rankings? What should be the strategy?
Andrew: Okay, obviously getting a high ranking in google is the goal, the ultimate goal. However, depending on your keywords, the niche or the market that you’re in and a lot of other facts. That can sometimes take quite some time. However, on your climb to the first page at least, you should be able to get some form of return on investment. Meaning, it will be known once the proper on page optimisation has been done, which obviously is another subject which we might go into another time. Once thats been done, you would be absolutely shocked, or even amazed really as to how many more keywords your website is found for because google knows, or the search engines know now exactly what your website is about, how they’re going to categorise you and all this sort of stuff. So we’ve had some clients, one that comes to the top of my mind, 73 keywords they were found for in webmaster tools. By the time we finished with them a month later just doing the onpage stuff they were done for over 400. Their traffic increased, their click through rate increased and hopefully if their website is doing its job, their revenue will be increased as well.

Ian: I suppose the great irony of all this is, what Andrew is talking about there is just, the focusing of the subject matter of the website actually does the opposite. It makes you more searched and found from more keywords. It does the opposite of what a lot people think they should be doing with SEO, they think that spray and pray, i’ll just write content about all these keywords and google will find me but thats not the point of it at all. The point of it obviously is, you actually focus the subject matter of the website in the most sort of precise way that you can, and because Google then knows what that website is about, it can crawl it and rank it more appropriately. Thus, widening the search queries, and because of that, traffic increases. More search queries, more ways people can click through on a relevant keyword and come through to your website. Then obviously the hope is that when they get there, providing the website is doing its job, that then converts them to make a sale, call you, whatever your goals are, as far as the traffic coming through. So its a bit of a misnomer i think, that people think that spreading your tentacles as wide as you can will catch you more flies, whoops mixed my metaphors there.

Andrew: Okay

Ian: Thats terrible, i’ll have to think about that metaphor and explain it some other time. I suppose its not counterintuitive, it actually makes perfect sense when you understand how the search engines work. I think, this is one of the things we really want to get across to people, particularly the people who ask the question “Can you guarantee me number one in Google?” As we were discussing previously, out of all the questions you should be asking your SEO company that is not really at the top of the list, that shouldn’t even be in the top 10, theres more important things to be concerned about and the reason why that question is being asked is that cheap SEO companies selling SEO packages and promising the world, have shifted the focus of really what SEO is about, thats really what has happened. So those emails you get from exotic lands, ‘We promise you this, we promise you that’ alarms bells should go off, they really should go off. Because what really are they promising you? Why are they promising you something irresponsible particularly when its to do with the number one spots, with your keywords.

Andrew: Yes, and like I said any company promising you that is actually going against google’s own guidelines, and thats a big thing.

Ian: Which you don’t want to do, at all. This is what is very hard for businesses to understand. I’m not saying this lightly because its something that comes up every day for us, whether it’s directly related to SEO or another aspect of your marketing plan. People think that because its their business, it’s their rules it should all be their own way. It doesn’t work that way anymore, it doesn’t work, like that. These are our what our American podcasts have really been highlighting with some of those interviews. These are big global organisations that have built powerful platforms, you have to be abide by their rules, and their rules are quite fair. Thats why you need an SEO company that will guide you through those rules and will show you the way and explain these kind of things to you in plain English. So, it’s kind of one of those things thats sort of a bee in my bonnet if you like at the moment. That, you’ve just gotta know that its not all your way. There are these other companies who are quite powerful that you have to work, lets say ‘in partnership’ with, you have to get to know them, you have to follow their rules. It actually pays, literally, to have that clear in your mind

Andrew: Yeah, the way I normally explain it to people is, we’re playing in google’s playpen and by doing so we have to follow their rules, its simple. They have the right to make up to make up whatever rules they want, and if you dont like it, we’ll move on. Plain and simple

Ian: I liked it too, on a large scale, if you visit another country say in Asia. They’ve got their own laws, culture, way of doing things. If you don’t fit in you’re gonna get arrested. If you don’t abide by and respect those rules you are going to be penalised and its no different for google which at this point in time is the largest country really, I mean they control, in a sense much of the world. Theres rules, there is laws, abide by them. If its all too confusing get someone who knows them and can guide you through it, someone you can trust

Andrew: So, I guess to sum up…

Ian: I’m a bit wound up today.

Andrew:  You are. Are you going to let me sum up here?

Ian: No i’m just gonna keep talking.

Andrew: So basically if a company says to you we’ll guarantee you number one rankings, don’t use them. The only thing they should be guaranteeing you is a return on your investment, an increase in traffic and click through rate which is very achievable if its done right.

Ian: It’s achievable and its crucial. If they’re worth their weight in gold they should be able to assess your needs, your goals, come up with the appropriate metrics to measure and deliver. Thats not promising a number one spot, thats ridiculous. There will be some guarantees and benchmarks you will want to agree on, just make sure they’re reasonable and not promising somebody the world when they can’t deliver it. However Google can, pretty much own the world don’t they?
Andrew: Yeah pretty much

Ian: Thats all from us, bit wound up today sorry about that. I just get a bit passionate about all this because it does get frustrating when a lot of this information that’s out there and is being talked about is in the public domain that we’re dealing with everyday, just doesn’t quite get through, does not break through when all this misinformation does. So its a bit frustrating. I’m sure theres a few other people working in digital or SEO out there that are nodding their heads saying yep exactly.

Andrew: Yes, more than likely

Ian: So, thanks very much for watching. We will bid you a good evening, good morning, good afternoon wherever you are in the world, we’ll speak to you soon, over and out.
Andrew: Bye





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