Can the Real Expert SEO Guy Please Stand Up Video

It’s so hard to tell who knows what they are talking about with SEO because it’s such a highly specialized area of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing companies establish relationships of trust with clients yes that’s fine, but do they deliver results, and how do you go about finding one in the first place?

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how to find a reputable seo company for your website.



Ian: Can the real expert SEO guy please stand up?

Andrew: What are you talking about?

Ian: What we’re talking about today is that it’s very hard to separate men from the boys out there. Who’s really going to do a great job with your SEO?

Andrew: Good question.

Ian: Exhibit A: Which one of these guys is going to do a great job with your SEO?

Andrew: How did you get hold of my holiday snaps?

Ian: The guy on the right, he looks very creative. Very creative, he’s got a trumpet up his nose, he’s doing a good job of it.

Andrew: He’s playing the nose trumpet.

Ian: Now the guy on the left, well does he know about SEO?

Andrew: Well he must, he’s connected to the world on his laptop and he’s dressed quite impeccably really.

Ian: I think I’m going to go with the guy on the right though. What’s the lesson here?

Andrew: Never judge a book by its cover?

Ian: That’s it, don’t go with your first impressions!

Andrew: They both look like experts, but in totally different fields!

Ian: Maybe you could actually comment on the video as to who you’d actually go with for SEO. Hopefully we’ll be able to give you some tips to help you make the right decision.

Andrew: Yes.

Ian: And you’re holding your phone because? That’s very rude.

Andrew: Oh sorry, it’s just that I don’t want to miss a call from our solicitor, I’m expecting a call.

Ian: I don’t think I want to know about that.

Andrew: So I thought I’d better hang onto it incase he calls.

Ian: Yes okay, hopefully nothing too serious. Maybe some of our past hangouts? So what’s the deal Andrew, how do we separate the men from the boys with SEO? It’s a very complicated area of digital marketing, generally the lay person wanting to have some digital marketing strategy or campaign done, it’s very hard for them to understand. Where do we start?

Andrew: Okay, this article is from Search Engine Lab?

Ian: I think this time…yes.

Andrew: Search Engine Journal, sorry about that. Now it’s actually a very good article because it breaks it down as to the different types of SEO companies that are out there. First of all, these are what they call the resellers. These are the ones that are fantastic at closing you, they take your money and then they outsource all the work to some other…

Ian: Exotic land?

Andrew: Yes, you have to be careful.

Ian: Which is Mother Russia, for example.

Andrew: So keep away from companies like that. Number two, then there’s the followers. These are the medium sized SEO companies who try to appear really big. They’re really a two man operation.

Ian: Yeah, that’s funny.

Andrew: Then there’s the guy next door who probably works out of his garage and does SEO services as a sideline for a bit of extra cash for his long weekends away.

Ian: We deal with those quite a lot.

Andrew: We do. And then there’s what they call the company next door, these guys are the smaller boutique type places that have connections with a few fairly large companies which allow them to keep the doors open which is wonderful. Then the companies you should stay away from type SEO’s. These are the companies that will guarantee rankings, such as method wise; submitting your site to a thousand search engines and directories, blog posting, forum commenting, all that sort of crap. These are the ones…oh sorry and will charge you under $100.

Ian: Useless.

Andrew: Useless! Stay away, stay away, stay away. Then there’s the company you’ve been looking for! What are these?

Ian: Oh, the one with a good reputation, with some testimonials and awards!

Andrew: Awards, yes!

Ian: And a knife for some reason, I don’t know why that’s there.

Andrew: Oh there goes our…

Ian: Oops, I’m going to be in trouble for that one.

Andrew: That knife nearly stuck into the…

Ian: The board table, the million dollar board table. There’s going to be an attorney showing up on our doorstep.

Andrew: On your doorstep. Anyway right, then there’s the companies that okay, awards are wonderful but it shows you that they’re doing something right. Somebody recognises them for some sort of achievement within the industry which is good.

Ian: Are you crying because of the board table?

Andrew: Yeah I am.

Ian: He’s wiping his eyes.

Andrew: All the time I go to polish that damn thing!

Ian: I want to go and check and make sure it’s ok.

Andrew: Is it scratched?

Ian: Oh you can’t really, I think it must’ve…

Andrew: Oh okay, you’re safe.

Ian: This is my theory, it landed like…

Andrew: The company you’ve been looking for; awards, wonderful. Then there’s references, testimonials from real clients, not some dodgy little thing up on a website with a little tiny photo of you know…

Ian: Random person?

Andrew: Random person that you’d you know?

Ian: With a stock shot.

Andrew: They can offer you credible, and most importantly uncomplicated information about the services they perform and the results they can achieve. They will use Social Media and SEO together into some sort of SEO campaign strategy. They will be able to show you proper case studies, real clients obviously. They will be able to back up their case studies with proper reports from Google Analytics which cannot be fudged, unless you’re an absolute genius that I’d love to meet. And they follow Search Engine Optimisation publishing guidelines through Google Webmaster and all of that. They follow the Google guidelines basically.

Ian: Yeah, thats it. The key thing is, which is what we do with our clients is an education process. You know what you’re getting, you’re not just paying this money out with absolutely no clues of what’s going to happen, or what the results are.

Andrew: Another important thing is that this company has to keep up with the latest SEO trends and changes in the algorithms and what not. I mean I spend a lot of time reading all this stuff about what’s happening, all the new changes like a few days ago Google deindexed a truck load of blog networks.

Ian: Yes I saw that article.

Andrew: Private, or PBN’s, private blog networks and that affected a lot of businesses. I mean there’s something a little bit dodgy about the way some of these private blog networks are obviously set up so that’s why they were easy to de-index.

Ian: And the poor unsuspecting businesses, that these people have their livelihood in their hands, essentially.

Andrew: Yeah well what Google were targeting was crappy sites with really thin content and over optimisation as well. It’s very easy to spot that those sites were just up there for links.

Ian: There is a case of trying too hard with SEO isn’t there?

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: Like Barbra Streisand’s Instagram debut? #tryhard

Andrew: Yes, the tryhards. What’s she doing all the way over there?

Ian: Last I heard she was going for a stroll, she’s obviously run out of steam and stopped there.

Andrew: Crazy bird.

Ian: Pretty quiet today actually.

Andrew: So there you go, that’s how you spot the real expert SEO.

Ian: The guy that should be standing up.

Andrew: The guy that should be standing up and coming to the plate. Oh my goodness!

Ian: These look bloody amazing actually.

Andrew: Yes, a nice head on them. Looks like a red, what do you call it? A red beer.

Ian: Is this the call you’ve been waiting for?

Andrew: That’s him, okay. Hello?

Ian: Oh, you take a call?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s what it is. Look just tell him we absolutely refract. We take back everything we said about India and Russia and all those other countries, we just don’t want anymore of this happening. Okay? Just tell them we retract and that’s the end of the story. Okay? Oh my god.

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