By Not Doing SEO How Much Will It Cost You?

Why do people do SEO for a while and then stop, when there’s a clear return on investment ROI. You are literally saying no to more money. It’s very much like saying you’ll close your shop down on a Saturday and turn away customers. It’s crazy!

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how much money you could be leaving on the table by not doing SEO on your website.



Ian: Good Afternoon, good evening, morning.

Andrew: How’re you going?

Ian: Ian Hopkinson, Andrew Radics. How are you today?

Andrew: Good.

Ian: Good. Same as you were 4 hours ago when we had our earlier hangout I assume.

Andrew: Absolutely.

Ian: So we’re going to talk to you about ‘how much does it cost NOT doing SEO?’ Now what we mean by this is…

Andrew: Sorry, just my keys.

Ian: Got a bit uncomfortable there mate?

Andrew: Yeah.

Ian: What we mean by this is really sort of what we call in here we call them reverse case studies basically, so you’ve been doing some SEO for a while and for one reason or another you stop, most of the time I think people take it for granted and they decide they want to save them a bit of money and they either stop doing it all together or they go off to a cheaper SEO company…Yep just making sure we’re on the same page here.

Andrew: Yep, We are.

Ian: So I guess I’m a bit flabbergasted as to why people who we actually do, and I’ll use us as an example, who we do SEO campaigns for, where we show them the proven return on investment and literally cruising and getting a great traffic through their website, which is converting, which is making them money and then they stop. It’s really strange to me. It’s not like they’ve never done any SEO before and they’re a little bit of a doubter about it but they are actually seeing it in action and have people going on their website and making money out if it and then they stop. It’s just bizarre behaviour . I know people have lots of different budgetary and strategic sort of implications for doing this but if it’s actually making you money why would you stop it? It’s a little bit like you know what I think we’ve been doing really well on saturdays in our retail store, but you know what I want to have saturdays off so let’s just close the shop. It’s just very strange.

Andrew: It’s the sad fact though that for a lot of businesses that when money gets tight the first thing to go, apart from the cleaner if they have them, is marketing. And yet that is the LAST thing that should go. You should be pumping if not as much money, sorry if not more money into your marketing because that is the thing that’s going to bring people through your doors or to your website.

Ian: Yeah yeah.

Andrew: Now…

Ian: Sorry just before we give examples, it’s just intriguing to me that even with all the communication, all the data, all the figures, even showing people the worth of doing these additional marketing, in our case for example SEO, people decide that they just want to stop.

Andrew: I don’t get it especially when we can show them… For one client that we did some work for, they only wanted SEO for a month, and we said okay fine we’ll give it to you for a month that’s alright. We increased, this was an ecommerce website, we increased  their revenue, not traffic we’re not talking about traffic we’re talking about actual revenue, we increased it one month by 135%

Ian: Yeah!

Andrew: Now what that translates into dollars they would know you just work out your average buy-price for whatever product you’re selling and that could be thousands upon thousands of dollars depending on what you sell.

Ian: Yeah. Well yeah I know the client you’re talking about and it is thousands of dollars…

Andrew: Yeah.

Ian: It’s literally a lot of money.

Andrew: Yeah it is and to make it sadder for them we finished after one month because that’s what they wanted, but by the second month they dropped in revenue by 23.5% Straight away just like that. And it doesn’t end there, by the end of the third month, they were down by 60%

Ian: So on the second month of not doing SEO?

Andrew: Yep they dropped 23.5% By the end of the third month of not doing SEO, 60% drop in revenue

Ian: Another 60%?

Andrew: Yeah.

Ian: Oh I didn’t know that, okay so that’s…
Andrew: So I don’t know what it is now it’s been a few months but  it’s very sad.

Ian: It’s very sad. I think what’s even sadder and I don’t know with necessarily  this particular example but if it’s the case, but you show them that and they still don’t want to do it again. They still disbelieve it works and yet you take it away and they’re losing money.

Andrew: Yeah I don’t know.

Ian: Yeah they’re literally losing revenue. I don’t have any other words for it, it’s crazy! Crazy!

Andrew: It is. So in cases like this by not doing SEO you are losing money simple.

Ian: Yeah.

Andrew: Mind you we’re talking about…

Ian: Let’s close the store on saturdays and while we’re at it why don’t we have fridays and thursdays off. Why don’t we just have monday, tuesday, wednesday trading?

Andrew: Yeah what the hell.

Ian: That’s what it is the equivalent  of doing isn’t it. So right do we have any other examples of like reverse? I think that says it all. Well that ones very extreme and the other examples that we’ve got in these cases are similar you know. In fact the percentage drop might not be as big but the revenue is more.

Andrew: Well I mean it depends what the product is, what the market is and all that sort of stuff.

Ian: Right okay I think we’ve made our point.

Andrew: I think so.

Ian: I think we have. Just on a different note I wanted to give a shoutout to a gentleman, I will call him a gentleman because I had a bit of a chat with him at the bar afterwards. Paul Grabowski, I saw him at the Bennetts Lane Jazz Club in Melbourne the other night., god forbid, go to the website and pay for some music and support the artists. If you don’t know anything about Paul it is really worth checking him out. He is one of the greats, one of the great jazz pianist and composers that Australia has ever had. I don’t say that lightly. I have been around a lot of music in my lifetime. That has been our featured listening really the last couple of days.

Andrew: It has been literally.

Ian: Andrew played saxophone.

You play guitar though.

Andrew: I try to.

Ian: We have some guitars in the corner so will have to practice and play a bit of a tune for you sometime. In that way we can break up the monotony of talking about SEO all the time.

Andrew: Oh, we have to have a talk to our apprentice scientists. These are not latte glasses. Who trained them?


Ian: I don’t know. Are you gonna do the whole diva routine with the drinks and the coffees? I know what you are saying it is disappointing.

Andrew: Mmmm… It’s not right!

Andrew: The coffee is nice though.

Ian: Anyway that is all from us. If you’ve got questions: as always We will do a digital health check for you so go to our website or comment below this video and we will catch up with you very soon.

Andrew: Don’t forget to shave tomorrow.

Ian: I will shave tomorrow. That is a promise. We’ll sign a contract to that end.

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