Branding and Identity

Branding is a blend of science and art – a well-calculated game of positioning where every move is well thought out and consequences are considered. A brand tells the customer who you are, who you hope to be and what your customer can expect from you as opposed to your competitor.

What’s critically important to maximize the success of your digital marketing is that your business has a clear, explicit statement of your brand – a total and consistent message that makes your target customers want to buy what you sell.

Without a clear brand and identity, the success of your marketing endeavors will be limited and potentially expensive.

We work with you to create a positive, explicit, powerful statement of your brand and identity that will help your customer decide “I want to do business with you”. It will include:

Your vision and values
Your core business concept
What differentiates you from your competitors
The promise you make to your customers
The benefits your customers experience and the motivators that bring them to you
How your benefits are expressed to your customers
Once you have explicitly defined your brand and identity, then we can get down to business communicating them consistently across your online presence, including:

Through your website
Through your social media presence
Through your visual presence in the digital market place
Through your off-line marketing (brochures, print advertising, networking, etc.)

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