We’ve pulled together some of our wisdom to share with you – a collection of videos and articles with more information on SEO than you can poke a stick at. These will help you gain an insight into a few ingredients of our “secret sauce”, as well as how you can best set up your SEO to help your own website.

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Website traffic statistics is a priceless tool in determining the effectiveness of your chosen marketing strategy. However, learning how to interpret the data is a prerequisite in order to appreciate the wonders of this tool. There are numerous web hosting companies that will supply you with the detailed information about the traffic that occurred on your website. The presentation of data can be overwhelming if you are not aware on how to interpret, analyse, and apply
With the increasing use of the internet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important technique for marketing products or services. This has led to the emergence of companies that focus on this field and provide search engine optimization services at reasonable prices. These companies have a lot of advantages but a careful comparison of what they provide is highly recommended before finalizing an expert SEO company. So the question then is, how to select an expert seo company for success?
It’s not an easy thing to make your site work for you. The problem in most cases is this: your company has a web site. It is a good and expensive web site developed and designed by true experts from a web content company. Yet you might wonder why only few visitors come to your web site? Most of your potential customers will visit your web site by placing  keywords in the boxes of major search engines.
This is me. What you see is what you get. I am passionate about people, connection, technology, and the various revolutionary ways we can now interact with each other and the world. Creating strategies to build products and brands that will improve our lives, create happiness, and solve problems is why I get out of bed every single day. There are changes taking place in our society – massive shifts, and I want to be
This question comes from an SEO buddy of mine in Texas. “Why have the great SEO Companies allowed the cheap SEO guys to reposition them in the market place?” In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss is the role bigger SEO companies have played in the rise of spammy cheap seo companies.     Transcript: Ian: Good morning! Andrew: How you going Ian: Morning. Andrew: I never know when we’re on with this.
Social media brings a little bit of Silicon Valley to Yarra Ranges Ian Hopkinson of Mad Scientist Social Media was confident that moving his social media and marketing consultancy from California to Yarra Valley would be seamless. A ‘net native’ who spent most of his career immersed in technology, he works with specialists worldwide so finds distance irrelevant. In addition to servicing its international client base Mad Scientist is now advising and developing online marketing
Google is offering virtual tours of Araluen Luxury Accommodation through its Google Maps service. The web giant in association with Mad Scientist Digital has documented some of Australia’s most picturesque locations using its Street View cameras, providing 360-degree views of the surrounding areas. In the Yarra Valley, Victoria – Araluen Luxury Accommodation and De Bortoli Wines are at the fore-front of this new and exciting technology. You can read more about the benefits of Google
If you read and listen to enough thought leadership materials*, eventually you begin to see a pattern. The overarching themes that are covered give advice on how to have a more fulfilling life and be more successful in business. Now there’s several consistent mantras, or themes if you like, that occur throughout these motivational resources: You are the cause of the way your life is right now, external forces and people around you can not
According to a recent Forbes article “It’s a truism that thought leaders tend to be the most successful individuals or firms in their respective fields.”  These individuals or companies have many different ways of becoming recognised as Thought Leaders, as well as number of different motives. “What we’ve found is that some people take a very expansive view of the term, wrapping internal strategy and corporate culture into their definition. Other individuals are more constrained
According to Wikipedia, a Thought Leader is business jargon. “The term was coined in 1994 by Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz Allen Hamilton magazine, Strategy & Business. “Thought leader” was used to designate interview subjects for that magazine who had business ideas that merited attention.” Is this still the definition? Does it just apply to business? Or does it also cover areas such as motivational speaking and life coaching? I love Wikipedia but I’m not sure this subject is

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