Bad Links Google Wont Know – SEO Myths Debunked

There is one myth that I have heard over and over again and that is that Google wont find any of my ‘bad’ links so it doesn’t matter what sites I link to.

When we talk about bad links, we mean links that come from a ‘bad neighbourhood’. Meaning basically porn sites, gambling sites and drug type sites in particular. The best practice is to not link to sites like that because it will not do you any good ranking wise or getting traffic either.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson debunk another wild and erroneous SEO myth.




Ian: Why are we playing this music Andrew?

Andrew: Well, I am a bit of a True Blood fan. Like I said in the last video, season 7 was the last season of True Blood and we’re trying to link True Blood with SEO myths. Don’t drink that because that is bad blood! That is bad blood.

Ian: It’s line wine tasting isn’t it, blood tasting?

Andrew: I don’t know how you can drink that but anyway, what’s this one about?

Ian: Bad links, Google won’t know. SEO myths debunked! I’m not sure why I did that… I’m just excited about debunking all these SEO myths.

Andrew: This one is?

Ian: “Google won’t know” They’ll never know if you have bad links going to your website. Andrew?

Andrew: Bad links are like bad blood, it will eventually poison your website.

Ian: It will poison your reputation with Google.

Andrew: I think I’ve mentioned this before. I did a lawyer’s website a few years ago.

Ian: Speaking of blood…

Andrew: They decided to get a cheaper SEO company which is fine, they’re alright. However the one that they’ve got actually built really bad links to their website. When we talk about bad, we don’t mean links that will physically do any damage to your website, but when we talk about bad we mean from a bad neighbourhood. What Google terms as a bad neighbourhood are things like drugs sites like Viagra and all those pills and stuff you can buy, gambling sites and porn sites. They all have their place but when you talk about a lawyer website getting a link from a porn website: That is bad!.

Ian: Surprisingly they all go together quite well.

Andrew: Gambling, porn, Viagra…

Ian: And True Blood!

Andrew: And True Blood, in this case bad blood.

Ian: It’s a reputation killer isn’t it.

Andrew: It is! We’re not just talking about one link from a porn site to your site killing you, it won’t. However those links are very easy to get and that’s why automated software goes after those unmoderated type sites. They don’t really care who links to them and where they link to.

Ian: Exactly. But Google does find out obviously! And when Google finds out they deindex you in the worst case scenario and the implications of that are pretty ordinary. It’s a lot of work to get back from that.

Andrew: The one thing that will definitely happen to you is that Google will not count that link and will just place your site lower in the search rankings. That’s more than likely what will happen but obviously when you’ve got 10,000 links from spammy porn sites or Viagra sites, they can say “Enough’s enough! These guys are spamming the system!” We’re going to deindex you and good luck trying to recover from that.

Ian: Yeah and as we’ve said in the past in a lot of other videos: The significant time it takes to disembowel those links and the time cleaning up can be very very expensive. Almost more expensive than redoing your whole website and playing by the rules.

Andrew: It’s just not worth even risking it. Google will find out and I’m sure other search engines have their own criteria and will find out too, but Google being the biggest, they will find out.

Ian: They will hunt you down.

Andrew: And they’ll come after your blood.

Ian: They’ll be after blood. Cheers Andrew, thanks very much again.

Andrew: No worries.

Ian: Are you going to have a sip? Are you that daring?

Andrew: I don’t know where this stuff came from but…

Ian: It is like wine tasting. In fact that’s better than the wine we had the other day!

Andrew: It’s sweeter.

Ian: It is!

Andrew: That’s actually not bad.

Ian: So like I said in the last video, I am going to watch some True Blood. I’ve only watched about 10 episodes and that’s pretty pathetic.

Andrew: You’ve got to watch them.

Ian: Because I can see that I will like it.

Andrew: Start from season 1.

Ian: Right.

Andrew: Some of my friends say they started watching it from season 3 or 4 and I thought: Oh god!

Ian: Is there nakedness in it?

Andrew: Of course!

Ian: Well see that’s probably why I haven’t watched it because I’m a bit against nakedness.

Andrew: That’s not what you told me this morning…

Ian: I don’t even know what that means!! Anyway cheers everybody! Another SEO myth debunked!


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