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Thought Leadership: Who Decides?

Thought Leaders give us inspiration. They put things into words that we inherently know but are unable to express ourselves. They quote great thinkers and philosophers of the past and seem to be very educated and learned individuals. A great Thought Leader is also a motivational speaker providing presentations that pack a positive punch.

Common Threads,Ian Hopkinson,Mad Scientist Digital,Motivational Speaker,Thought Leader,What is a thought leader, seo companyTheir speeches push the boundaries of our everyday thinking and they make practical suggestions to improve the quality of our relationships, work, lifestyle, peace of mind & environment. One thing I’ve always wondered though is who decides that this person is a ‘Thought Lead

I could write that I am a Thought Leader on my Linked-in profile and many people who don’t know me particularly well may stumble over it and accept it as gospel even though I have given myself this label of’? Is there an independent body somewhere that votes them into this exclusive club?

Some people would say it’s our personal barometer that measures a Thought Leaders worth. Do I find what this person has to say inspirational and useful? Is my life better because of them? Just because millions of people have bought a book or gone to a seminar does that mean its worthy to be called Thought Leadership? Or does it just require the herd to say ‘that’s great!’ and hey presto in an instant a new and exciting Thought Leader is born. Sounds simple, but is it?

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