Any Link Is a Good Link-SEO Myths Debunked

The statement ‘any link is a good link’ is truly one of those SEO myths. Not every link is a good link. Too many business owners get so caught up in the number of links pointing to their site instead of concentrating on quality content that can generate natural links to their site through social sharing and other methods. Natural links are earned when great content is developed.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the many wild and erroneous ‘myths’ out there about SEO and all things search related.





Ian: SEO myths debunked! We’re having a great week here debunking.

Andrew: Part three.

Ian: Any link is a good link – this is so not true.

Andrew: I feel very, very sorry for people who still believe this crap.

Ian: Yeah, well they’re out there.

Andrew: They are. Plain and simply, any link is a good link is a load of crap. It’s not. Some links can actually hurt your site, some links can get you in the worst case scenario, deindexed or just bumped down lower in the rankings. If you go out there and you listen to somebody who says ‘I’ve got this software that does automatic in-building for you and you’ll get to number one’ and all that sort of rubbish, well don’t believe it. Yes it can possibly work for you in the short term but in the long term Google will catch up with it and they’ll just bump you down in rankings a lot quicker than what you normally would.

Ian: You’ll be banished.

Andrew: So don’t go for automated software for your website, don’t go and buy links from any website even if it says they’ve got the best quality links and all that sort of stuff, just don’t do it.

Ian: They all say that because they want you to buy them.

Andrew: Once you actually have a look at whatever links they send you back and you check them out you’ll think ok well what the hell is this. I’ve done it a lot, I used to think many years ago when I used to be part of a lot of forums, online marketing forums. The big debate, this is going back three or four years, the big debate was; any link is a good link. I was one of those people that said yeah Google just wants links, just get out there and pump links thats fine. But of course nowadays, that is not true.

Ian: So when did that change? Really I suppose it was the emergence of these big algorithm updates that Google has brought in in the last say 18 months.

Andrew: Well no, it goes back even further, maybe 2010-2011. Sometime around there but obviously these links still worked, now Google have tightened that.

Ian: And people were coming up with all these sort of blog farms and ridiculous stuff.

Andrew: Yeah it used to be something that they called link farms.

Ian: Oh link farms.

Andrew: Yeah or blog networks, the same sort of idea but with a link farm the idea was that you shove your link onto all these websites and you get a link back pointing to your website. So it was supposed to exchange PR which is once again a load of bull. So really, the best sort of link is a natural link. What we mean by a natural link is through any content that you might produce, anything that you write for your website, and then you post it onto social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. all those sort of things and people retweet or repost your article. All that sort of stuff, so essentially it’s natural interaction with people, not just spamming websites.

Ian: Well that’s right and also building up your partnerships with other businesses, other complimentary businesses. If they’re got a great profile and a lot of trust with Google and they link to you then that’s handy.

Andrew: So it’s all about relevant links. If you’re a website about jewelry for example, there’s no point linking to a car website because they have nothing to do with each other. So Google looks at that, although they aren’t going to penalise you for linking to a car website if you’re a jeweler, it just means that it’s not going to be of any value to you that’s all.

Ian: I just had a vision of a rap video with the big gold chains and the convertible. I was thinking there could be some cross linking there but no.

Andrew: There’s one more thing that is worth mentioning. If you do go to the link exchangers or buy links or software and all that sort of stuff, keep in mind that those programs will also link you to various porn sites, gambling sites, and all sorts of gaming sites as well.

Ian: Dirty, dirty links.

Andrew: Who wants their business to be linked to a porn site?

Ian: Well, nobody.

Andrew: Because number 1, it’s so irrelevant to whatever your website is about, obviously your not a porn site. But also, Google looks at that sort of stuff as well, bad neighborhoods.

Ian: Jewelry and porn might go together. And cars.

Andrew: They might. Cars and porn yeah definitely. But yeah, just a few points to keep in mind, the best sort of link are quality links, relevant links and natural links.

Ian: Excellent, this is Andrew Radics, I’m Ian Hopkinson, thank you very much for watching. Speaking of links, we will actually do a Digital Health Check for you which will tell you a number of things about internal links, broken links (which is a whole other discussion), and we’ll give you a good idea of where you’re placed and how you can improve your website. So just go to, you’ll find a big red button there that says Digital Health Check, and we’ll write a very simple report for you. Thanks again for watching everybody, we’ll see you very soon. We’re going to see you tomorrow actually with more SEO debunked.

Andrew: There’s so many of these, we could do months and months worth.

Ian: I know, there’s a lot of myths out there. Speaking of myths, what about our myth-elated spirits here?

Andrew: OMG, here we go again. It doesn’t look too bad, it was actually swirling before, now it’s kind of settled down a little bit.

Ian: That’s a little bit sad and it’s a bit hard to see on the camera so we’ll have to put some photo’s up online. See you all later guys, thanks for watching.

Andrew: Bye!



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