Anti Uber Taxi Drivers and The Streisand Effect

“European taxi drivers rediscover the Streisand Effect with Uber Protest” was the headline of an article on the website on the 12th of June 2014.

This protest once again demonstrates the Streisand effect principle that the more you protest about something to go away, the more attention you draw to it hence the more popular it becomes. Maybe these taxi drivers just should have let Uber be.

In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss another occurrence of the Streisand Effect.




Ian: The Streisand Effect on Anti Uber Taxi drivers! What am I talking about!?

Andrew: What on earth is Uber?

Ian: Uber is a company and an iPhone app and android app, I can imagine

Andrew: Of course it is. I’ve got it!

Ian: That allows you to hire a car and you can do that by checking the location of the car and other people where they are going and then split the fairs.

Andrew: Like a chauffeur driven, not limousine, but like a Taxi.

Ian: Like a taxi service. And these Taxi drivers in Europe complained about it. They are not very happy about it. I am not sure they know all the details of what the Uber app is all about.

However in true Streisand effect from what they have done is created a bit of a buzz around Uber now and this awesome article written by Tim Worstall lets us know that Uber downloads  have actually gone up as a result. So thank you very much taxi drivers. What have you done! You’ve created a monster!

Andrew: There  you go…

Ian: What do you think about all of this?

Andrew: Not a lot! I am just gonna sit here.. No, But once again it is a classical example of the Streisand effect. You try to hide something. You try to protest something that you don’t want people to know about. And what happens? Media picks it up! The internet picks it up and it explodes in your face!

Ian: That’s it!

Andrew: That’s exactly what happened here!

Ian: That’s it! And as Tim says so eloquently. This was not particularly well known outside of Europe so now he has kind of started a global sensation. I had vaguely heard of this but had not explored it until we saw this. So I did a little case study. Just as an example.

From Bayswater to the City office on Bourke St, Melbourne To go via Uber it was gonna cost you $57.75 if you just go in sort of a normal car. A slightly bigger sort of a luxurious car which obviously fits a few more people $87.11. However, if you go by a yellow cab, the local yellow cabs, that have been around for years, yonks, $49 is what I came up with!

Andrew: But in Ubers defence though as far as I understand  there is actually two of you in the car you can go 50/50!

Ian: You can to that in a cab!

Andrew: Can you?

Ian: Sure!

Andrew: Noooo!

Ian: You can do that in a cab as well!

Andrew: No you can’t!

Ian: Go with a couple of friend and you can argue who’s gonna pay what! However, the Uber thing is that it that it pairs you up with people you don’t know so you can share a cab. So it is a little bit like the original idea behind carpooling in the US.

So anyway just thought out of interest we should have a bit of a look. That is one example obviously.

So European taxi drivers: I know that the prices are different over there.

But our little Australian case study shows that providing you are a bit more organised with your friends that a local cab is about the same.

Andrew: This is not an ad for Uber by any means but another way of demonstrating the Streisand effect.

Ian: The yellow cabs might get a lot more calls now. Probably not.

Andrew: Or more complaints from us….

Ian: So thank you very much! Streisand effect at work again.

What are we drinking here!?

Andrew: I was told it has a very interesting odour!

Ian: Like freshly mowed grass! With the addition of…? It smells a bit like Skittles.

Andrew: I think they are trying to tell us something.

Ian: The internal laboratory workers?

Andrew: Inter… Intern… Pro… What am I trying to say!

Ian: I am not sure we might have to do a separate hang out while you work it out.

Andrew: Intern Professors! That’s it!

Ian: Intern professors! Lovely! I am glad we got that out!

Thank you very much! Glad to have you with us. Send in your Streisand effect examples. There are tons of them out there! We’re gonna be doing this for years!

We are not gonna talk about SEO anymore. We’re just gonna talk about Barbra Streisand for the rest of our careers.

Andrew: Cheap SEO!

Ian: And how that relates to Barbra Streisand!

Andrew: Oh, god that’s gonna be a stretch!

Ian: Thanks guys! See you very soon!

Andrew: Bye!

Ian: Cheers!


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