Analysing and Understanding Website Traffic

Website traffic statistics is a priceless tool in determining the effectiveness of your chosen marketing strategy. However, learning how to interpret the data is a prerequisite in order to appreciate the wonders of this tool.

website statistics

There are numerous web hosting companies that will supply you with the detailed information about the traffic that occurred on your website. The presentation of data can be overwhelming if you are not aware on how to interpret, analyse, and apply them to your business.

Website traffic statistics 

If more traffic is recorded, it doesn’t necessarily mean good site performance. People should dig deeper in terms of the activity of the visitors presented by the web traffic statistics. The duration of time spent by your average visitors daily, weekly, and monthly, is one way to determine your site’s performance. Brief time spent on your site indicates a problem; certain problems which cannot be verified through website traffic statistics, therefore, it becomes your challenge to figure it out.

Determine Strong and Weak Areas

Web traffic statistics can raise your awareness in determining the valuable and unproductive portion of your website. These figures will let you determine which particular page forces the visitors to exit your website right away. It can be graphics that are confusing or offensive, or the senseless keywords on your blog articles. Consequently, those pages that are highly visited are potential income generators. You can improve the sales and marketing strategy focused on that portion.

Number of Hits Doesn’t Make Your Website a Hit

The greater number of hits gained by a specific website doesn’t reflect its productivity. Hits only translate the number of information requests acknowledged by the server. If your homepage has 10 graphics on it, the server instantly records it as 10 hits. So, never rely on the number of hits reported by a website traffic analyser as a basis of your site’s performance.

Verify Your Exit Pages

Contact forms or final order forms are the expected exit pages of your website. But traffic statistics can sometimes provide you information about the different exit pages that are found on your site. This report can be alarming; it means that your visitors are dissatisfied about a certain page of your website that makes them want to exit right away. This gives you an opportunity to make improvements on that particular webpage.

Keywords 101

The most important rule in SEO is filling your website with content enriched keywords that are based on the most searched keywords on search engines and must be highly relevant to your products and services. Keywords are one of the reasons why visitors accidentally or intentionally land on your site.

Final Words about Website Traffic Statistics

The bottom line is, traffic statistics will expose significant information about your website such as:

These are the pertinent details you have to know in order to develop a triumphant internet marketing agenda. When the visitors start typing your company’s name on search engines is the moment where all your hard work has paid off.

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By Andrew Radics

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