Adwords Gets You Better Organic Rankings-SEO Myths Debunked

This inaccurate statement is one of our faves. It makes us laugh every time we hear it. It’s just simply not true. It’s true that sometimes you can garner some information from an Adwords campaign and this can aid in a more targeted and successful organic campaign. But NO, Google does definitely not help you with a lift in organic rankings if you are paying them for Adwords.

Matt Cutts from Google has some more info on it here.

MSD-IHARIn this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss the many wild and erroneous ‘myths’ out there about SEO and all things search related.



Ian: How you doing? SEO myths debunked – Adwords gets you better organic rankings. I’m excited about this. I’ve just got one thing I’ve got to do before we start, we’ve been drinking coffee because it’s cold. I just need a little bit of a wind down before we get into a serious conversation, is that alright with you?

Andrew: Mhmm… Why didn’t you do that before we started?

Ian: I don’t know, but I’m just going to get it out of my system now. (Ian runs away briefly) That’s it! I’m ready to go now. That’s what six cups of coffee will do.

Andrew: You’re like a child.

Ian: I know! I know!

Andrew: You should of done that before we came on air!

Ian: Anyway Adwords is, if you’ve been living under a rock! Adwords is basically the yellow listing at the top of your search results or on the right hand side of your search result. That’s Adwords. That’s my childish description.

Andrew: Yeah, well that’s exactly what it is. Not a childish description, but that’s what Adwords is. There is this theory going around and it has been for quite a few years that if you buy a block of Adwords your organic rankings will automatically go up. Organic ranking: That is the block in the middle, all 10 results on one page.

Ian: In the white space.

Andrew: Yeah, and organic meaning natural and in this case also means free. Adwords you pay for. I found out about this a few years ago when someone rang me up. I was running an SEO company and someone rings me up from another SEO company and says “We can get you to the first page!”

Ian: They didn’t  know you’re an SEO company!?

Andrew: Yeah, it was an Australian company too. So he said he can get me to the first page and I said “Well how can you do that?” – I just thought: “Let’s have a listen, maybe I’m missing something here.” He said: “Within 24 hours you’ll be on the first page because you need to be on the right hand side, up the top or down the bottom of the front page.”

Ian: They’re selling you Adwords!

Andrew: I said: “You’re talking about Adwords aren’t you?” He said “Well, yes they’re called Adwords but you know…” I said “Mate! That is not SEO that is paid advertising!” Then he said, “Well you know if you do the Adwords then your organic rankings will automatically go up.” I thought: “What an idiot!”

Ian: Right.

Andrew: And then there’s the other school of thought saying that if you don’t buy Adwords, your rankings will go up anyway as well. Which once again is a load of absolute…

Ian: Codswallop?

Andrew: Yeah, to call it your mother’s phrase yeah. Matt Cutts who is the head of spam searching at Google in Mountain View.

Ian: California.

Andrew: Where Google headquarters are. Even he says, and I think we’ll put a link below in the description, saying how it’s a load of rubbish.  So whoever rings you: SEO company, salesman, whoever it is that says buy the Adwords and your rankings will go up, well that’s a load of rubbish too! And another theory in conjunction with that is that, Google is making natural rankings a lot harder to get because they want everybody to buy Adwords. If you really think about that, that doesn’t actually make much sense because if Google was doing all these algorithm changes just to make everybody who’s actually listed on Google to buy Adwords, they’ll go out of business.

Ian: Yeah that’s right.

Andrew: Because overnight everybody will jump over to Bing, Yahoo or any of the other search engines.

Ian: The whole point Google and providing this search platform, is to give people the best possible search that they can get. And if people aren’t getting that, if it’s convoluted with backdoor deals and advertising then nobody is going to want to do it.

Andrew: Yeah because with Adwords it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting what you’re looking for. Because a lot of times, what people do is, say they’re looking for a pizza shop and when you’re setting up your Adwords you can put in a link to your website, but you can virtually put in any link that you want. So even though someone is looking for a pizza shop, they click on your ad and go straight through to pizza pans. You know, buy stainless steel pizza pans or something.

Ian: Yes.

Andrew: But I don’t want a pizza pan. I want a pizza!

Ian: Yeah that’s right.

Andrew: You know so, that’s why Adwords can be manipulated like that, but the whole conception about Adwords making you go higher in the search… That’s a load of BS. Don’t buy into it, there you go. Debunked!

Ian: Debunked successfully. Now organic search we’ve talked a lot about in other videos so I’m not going to go into that in detail because that’s a whole other conversation, but there are advantages in certain circumstances where a new brand can do an Adwords campaign, and then we can find out some crucial information out of that Adwords campaign, and use that information to then do a successful organic campaign. So there’s a connection there but that’s as far as it goes people.

Andrew: Yep. Absolutely.

Ian: That’s as far as it goes. Debunked! Thank you very much for watching, if you’ve got any questions you can visit our website, you can email us at [email protected], I’ll give out Andrew’s personal email address… no I won’t. We look forward to more questions, if you want us to debunk any others; if there’s any others you want us to address, send us a comment on the video.

Andrew: I think these are supposed to be Pina Colada’s.

Ian: I think I might just keep drinking coffee if you don’t mind. Should I taste it?

Andrew: No, no don’t you don’t know what these people put in the drinks.

Ian: …it’s water! Thank you very much for watching we’ll see you soon!

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