3 Effective Ways to Build a Strong Brand Identity

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The true value of a brand identity lies in the view of the target demographic. It reveals the consumer’s knowledge about the existence of the brand and its repeated exposure of the identity draws instant attention from people.

One of the images that view the identity of the brand is the website of the business. People can easily recognize how the brand operates through the functionality of the site.

Advantages of a Strong Brand Identity

Optimize Your Content

Trust is the king in inbound marketing and is achieved only by proving great value to the clients. Comprehensive guides, actionable tips and compelling information give credibility to your brand and foster engagement with your people.

The rule of thumb in creating a high quality content is to fulfill your customers’ needs and wants. Use Five Second Test to know if your site provides a memorable experience. NavFlow and ClickTest are useful at analyzing your navigation and design engagement. Compress the sizes and dimensions of your images. Keep each page under 1MB total to keep your site’s loading speed fast.

Add social sharing buttons above and below the fold to leverage the acquisition of links and sharing. Don’t splatter all your share buttons on every single page of your site. Otherwise, it will only provide a poor user experience and may decrease your repeating visitors.

Create an approachable identity by allowing your readers leave their comments or send personal emails to contact you. A simple instruction at the end of the post like “Leave a comment below” or “Share with us your experience” would encourage user feedback.

Use Visual Devices

The use of visual devices on your website helps you gain more traction and creates an outstanding identity. Incorporate your core values to the common attributes of your logo like shapes and colours. People will interact with you based on how they understand your logo. Differing meanings can be made out of logo since different countries has its own cultural views and personal experiences.

Use fonts and colours that complement your brand design. Your customers must be able to grasp what you want to communicate to them. Select a text colour to improve your user’s readability. Avoid displaying annoying ads that can distract your customers and clients. If you run ads, keep them outside of the content area. Pay close attention to what your customers want to do on your site such as subscribing to your business’ blog, making purchase of your product or contact you to know more about your services. You have to observe your customers’ behaviour using Google Analytics. Pinpoint your top landing pages to determine the most engaged activity of your site (contact page, about us, etc, etc.).

Develop your affinity marketing

Affinity marketing is the use of brand assets to develop lasting relationships with other brands (alliances) and to build closer relationships with the customers. This can be noticeable in many authority brands that create friendly personalities to increase their overall customer base.

Be real and friendly with your customers. Use fruitful platforms such as social media and webinar. People want to see and know there’s a person behind your company. Talk to your audience and teach them by providing free webinars and video tutorials. Tell them your experiences and stories. Case study is a good way to show transparency and expertise in the field.

Use pictures, faces or even mascots in every marketing channel. Link them to your brand in a fun and engaging fashion. The Roger mascot of Moz helped them established a recognized identity that stands out from the competition of SEOs. This robotical and sci-fi machine is used to create a loveable hook to get customers into their company. The use of label assets enables your brand to widen your visibility on the web and makes your users understand the assignment, vision as well as the core values of your company.

In order to develop successful branding procedures, your business needs to stand out. You need to emphasize what you have that your competitors don’t have. You need to let your customers what makes your business different from other companies. You will need to be consistent, proactive and informative with your label messages. Brand awareness and purchase intent are highly correlated with repetitive viewing and consistent branding. For example, you should incite viewers to return to your website by placing frequently updated and informative content.

Partner with other brands whose customers are same as yours. Keep your connections with them growing since they’ll be your long lasting brand preachers. Get them to know more about your services/products by giving them discounts or free versions of what you are to offer to them. Encourage other brands as well through social media and content marketing.

How do you develop your brand individuality? What do you think are the main factors you need to achieve success in branding? Comment below.

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