The Streisand Effect

The Streisand Effect is when you attempt to have something taken down from the internet and the publicity from trying to do it in facts increases the popularity and newsworthiness of the particular video, image, text, or reference you are trying to have deleted. The unfortunate result is a total back fire of what you wanted in the first place. It is so named because of a photo a man once took on Malibu beach that just happened to have Barbara Streisand’s home in the background. Until Streisand voiced her concerns to the photographer and took him to court it had been downloaded just six times. After she went public with it the effect was viral.

Episodes in this playlist:

The Streisand Effect of a Dreaded Yelp Review

A recent incident when a customer posted a positive review of a local watchmaker (whilst negatively reviewing another watchmaker) has put Yelp in the spotlight again.

The Streisand Effect of a Nude Jennifer Lawrence

A hacker recently leaked naked photos of some high profile celebrities, some of which being Rhianna, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. In particular, the Jennifer Lawrence scandal has sparked huge debate and media attention, which, has created another unwanted Streisand Effect. In this video Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss how this Jennifer Lawrence scandal has created yet another Streisand Effect

The Streisand Effect of an Uber Awkward Lyft

With their use of technology putting users back in control, Uber and Lyft are causing a stir in the taxi industry, and a headache to regulators. Andrew and Ian discuss the Streisand Effect of the dirty tactics used by Uber to bully Lyft, who have seen increased awareness, reputation and business in return.

Google Forget and the Streisand Effect

Various outlets noticed yesterday that links had been removed from certain search queries. The problem is that many outlets went published stories about the “forgotten” articles. Consistent with the Streisand Effect, this only made everyone remember them even more. If you didn’t know about the stories that were deleted by Google before, you do now.

The Streisand Effect of Terrible French Cuisine

A French restaurant’s food turns sour when a court fines a blog owner for a high ranking unfavourable review setting the Streisand Effect in motion once again. The restaurants owners took legal action against the blogger due to the fact that her supposedly disparaging blog post ranked highly on Google at 4th position.

The Streisand Effect of Anti Uber Taxi Drivers

“European taxi drivers rediscover the Streisand Effect with Uber Protest” was the headline of an article on the website on the 12th of June 2014. This protest once again demonstrates the Streisand effect principal that the more you protest about something to go away, the more attention you draw to it hence the more popular it becomes. Maybe these taxi drivers just should have let Uber be.

The Streisand Effect of Barbra’s Instagram Debut

Some controversy was created by Barbra Streisand’s Instagram Debut. The problem was that it was simply too perfect for some people. Social Media is obviously a ‘fly on the wall’ sort of approach to content. Make your content great and make it compelling, but sculpted and glossy?

Will you suffer from the Streisand Effect?

The Streisand Effect was coined by the founder of the Techdirt website, Mike Masnick in 2005. Basically, it’s  when you attempt to have something taken down from the internet and the publicity from trying to do it in fact increases the popularity and newsworthiness of the particular video, image, text, or reference you are trying to have deleted. Unfortunately sometimes the result is the total opposite of what you were trying to do in the first place.

The Streisand Effect of a Negative Review Policy

A hotel made the news over the weekend when it was revealed that it was threatening their clientele with $500 fines for bad reviews that gets taken out of their deposits. When outed for the practice, their previously golden reputation on review sites plummeted to 1 star on Yelp in just a day. Ouch! In this video, Andrew Radics and Ian Hopkinson discuss what a negative review policy and  ‘The Streisand Effect’ have in common.

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