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What are the benefits of Google Business Photos?

google businessMost of us are familiar with virtual tours in the real estate and hotel industry. Virtual tours of various kinds have been around for years but none of them have been linked to such a dynamic tool for customer, client and B2B relationship building. In providing a visual and practical insight into what makes your business tick, Google Business Photos helps people get to know you quickly and make an impact when it counts.

Customers want to make careful choices, demanding trust and transparency online. There’s no better way to show the real you and build credibility to your business brand.

Google Business Photos have numerous cost effective advantages which help your customers reach you and interact in a way that has not been possible up until now. This makes Google Business Photos a must have tool for all businesses wanting to expand their customer reach.

• As a search tool – this is a paid service so Google boosts your search ranking, making it easier for your customers to find you

• Get a street view update – when Google adds your virtual tour online it also updates the street view, perfect for new businesses and /or recently renovated or changed shop fronts (previously this took 2-3 years to be updated)

• As a marketing and advertising platform – GBP engagement allows you to get creative with the way you present your business to your existing or potential clients, embedding campaigns within the virtual tours or allowing the images and tours to speak for themselves *

• Easy to display, portable and interactive – The virtual tour can be easily displayed on existing websites, social media and mobile applications, providing a dynamic interactive window into your brand and expanding your marketing impact

• Lasting impact – Shots can be online for years which is a great marketing investment OR

• Flexible – Shots can be changed for seasonal venues, updated décor and marketing campaigns. Seasonal shoots are also a great way to keep your business up to date and show customers what’s new

• Showcasing and Events- GBP has the ability to put your event location on the map

• Cost effective – Tours can be embedded at no charge on your website or on Facebook and there is no need to pay bandwidth or hosting fees.

• Engage with your customers – Customers experience an online walkthrough of your space, which is the perfect way to showcase the décor, ambience, products and unique qualities of your business.

• GBP enhances your Google business listing – Your interactive image will appear on Google search results, Google+ and Google Maps, helping you stand out and entice online visitors to have a look at what you have to offer.

• Retain visitors – The impact of your virtual tour and feature photographs will increase the time visitors spend looking at your business more memorable.

How does Google Business Photos work?

Professionally shot photos are taken of your business using high resolution, fisheye and other techniques. All panoramic shots for the Google Business Photos tour will be captured with the latest equipment and technology available. There are no ongoing costs and the virtual tour and feature photographs are hosted for free by Google and available 24×7 to the world.

Marketing images included: Professional copyright free “Point Of Interest” feature photographs are added to your Google+ Local page, and high resolution copies will be supplied to you for free for your use in your own online and offline marketing, such as your website or printed brochures.


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What is Thought Leadership?

According to a recent Forbes article “It’s a truism that thought leaders tend to be the most successful individuals or firms in their respective fields.”  These individuals or companies have many different ways of becoming recognised as Thought Leaders, as well as number of different motives.

“What we’ve found is that some people take a very expansive view of the term, wrapping internal strategy and corporate culture into their definition. Other individuals are more constrained in their definition. Bluntly, there are many definitions of the term.”

I tend to think of thought leaders to be individuals (not so much companies) who inspire us and motive us to be better and improve who we are, what we do,  how we live our lives, and most importantly to have a positive impact on how we give to our relationships and the world.

Big stuff. A massive responsibility for a thought leader isn’t it? Not that they are responsible for our actions or liable, but good guidance and mentoring particularly in this day and age is golden. The Forbes article goes on to cynically imply that entrenched with in any thought leaders’ ambitions is to make a lot of money out of it! It more or less states that making money is intrinsic with thought leadership. I think this might be a little one dimensional. Some thought leaders have been categorised by others because they are particularly inspiring in their field of business philosophy, I’m not sure you can definitively say they all are out to make money out of it.

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